American National Anthem in Spanish

“One of the things that’s very important is…
that we not lose our national soul.
“One of the great things about America is
that we’ve been able to take people
from all walks of life bound as one nation under God.”


We are BOUND under God to sing our national anthem
in English or lose our soul.


Under God we can: kill and torture people to get the oil we need
and not lose our soul;
make every Medicare recipient join an HMO
and not lose our soul;
dole out tax dollars to the rich, cut programs to help the poor,
and not lose our soul;
allow lobbyist to curry favors and rig elections
and not lose our soul:
we can be a violent nation that raises violent children,
but woe unto those who sing our national anthem
in Spanish and lose their soul.

A man who has already lost his soul is the first
to become a prophesier for his own profit.

Dick Cheney positions himself to ascend to the crown.

Reuel Marc Geiecht, American Enterprise Institute
on C-SPAN this morning stated:
“As a general rule countries don’t like to be bombed.”
Is that a statement from a bloodless entity or what?

And allows yes, V.P. Dick has recused himself from
the rhetoric heating up to bomb Iran.
As we the people understand Dick is the brains
behind George and has spent most of the last 5 years
hunkered bunkered down with his hot line,

Here’s a crux of what if:
Dick’s Diabolical Plan;
as Bush’s popularity has tanked now and
the majority of we the people are against
the Iraqi War and appalled at the contemplation
of a new Iranian War and whereas
this 2006 November election may well
be taken over by the Democrats and they may well
move to impeach Bush and open the door
for this Dick to ascend to full power’s
including the one’s Bush has claimed as his own
like secret spying on we the people
and whereas plans are underway
to build a concentration on US homeland
Dick will have cleared the way
to first remove dissenters just like Hitler did
before he removed the Jews and who
do you imagine President Dick Cheney would remove
after the dissenters? Not too much brain drain to guess;
All of We the People who have not been reborn!

Meanwhile back at the black white house,
Dicky boy washes his hands, a modern day Pontious Pilot,
of any overt involvement in bombing Iran, as he
salivating dreams “Let George do it!”

“War too important to be left to the generals – Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer
Charles Kraut hammer writes
“I-know-better generals are back.”
and names the flicks:
Doctor Strange Love
and Seven Days in May
as examples.
It was Eisenhower, ex-general president
who planned the Bay of Pigs
and Kennedy who stopped a nuclear war.
The I-know-better generals are back?
Have you not noticed Charles, those
anti-war generals all experienced war?
You ask, “Why did they wait until they retired?”
while you were in college instead of the military
i guess you never learned
ALL enlisted military are bound by oath
not to speak out against their government
UNTIL they are retired.
Kraut hammer further writes
“It pleases the anti-war types”
Does he mean Jesus types?
Of course not!
Mr. Charles is the very one that
coined and developed “The Reagan Doctrine”
C. K. claims the anti-war left will one day regret
applauding those I-know-better generals.
Have you not noticed Kraut hammer
today’s anti-war is not left or right and
consists of 67% of we the people and growing
NeoCons came in to power knowingly dividing
50 – 50 we the people over religious issues
but we the people are growing less divided
over this Unholy war AND
our foreign policy blowback.
Do not bother, Mr. Charles Krauthammer
adding my name on the Round Up Dissenter’s list
I’m already there.
Not here in the US of A you think?
We all know and please do not forget
before Hitler rounded up the Jews
he rounded up the dissenters.

Bush: “I’m the decider”

which rhymes with divider
multiplies into chasms
the brink of peace on earth
or the destruction of it
moses and the bull rushes
Atlas and The Clown
oxygen tanks & stone tablets
four frogs leaping
southeast to northwest
three bulls rising to north
three bulls falling south
a crown of jewels
a hat of buffoon
long grey beards
one trimmed the other
…just a painting on the wall

“just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re stupid”

stupid is sterilized
emotions set to fear control
food is either healthy or it is not
we become what we eat
(eating oil is lethal)
the music we choose
and the speechifying we ignore
truth is in actions
can argue debate or soothe
peace lives in the heart or
no where else
i’d rather be crazy
if it
keeps me from going to crazy war

robbing peter AND paul to pay UK Royal shippers

1,500 tons of potatoes shipped from England to Germany
1,500 tons of potatoes shipped from Germany to England
10,200 tons of milk and cream shipped from England to France
9,900 tons of milk and cream shipped from France to England
import 485 tons of gingerbread- export 460 tons of gingerbread

England and countrymen lend me your hears
Tear down that crown
what was done to Diana was incestuous enough
when the price for oil is blood
the whole bloody planet suffers
when greed becomes wanton waste
the original meaning of “stench” returns:

( full story:

When Bush has killed more Americans in Iraq than Osama killed on 9/11

will every Christian admit
they secretly have always believed
the End Times would come in their lifetime
and that all Christians of All Times alike
logically believed this if they believed that
when the peoples of the Earth destroy it
they will say “God did it!”
even when some mad scientists testify
we do not have global warming
even when the earth is covered with nuclear waste
will they say “George did it!”
and if the few who somehow survive
find a poem describing how
it happened that a teacher
of how to obtain world peace
was crucified and made a God
to worship and atoned for their sins
so they could keep on keeping on sinning
even as they knelt down and worshiped
the author of those words:
‘Thou shalt not kill”
and will they remember and understand
it was the status quo they feared to lose
even as they knew the hordes were starving
How much blood does it take to keep one man
as the most powerful man in the world, Bush?
Answer: an infinite amount!

immigration vs Iran war

is it ironic or diabolical
the whole country
is focused on immigration
even as our Bush league
threatens yet
another war?

last night they talked about Bush and his plans to invade?
bomb? attack? Iran with the nuclear option not discounted.
concerned about this possibility?
already a war that fewer and fewer people support
resources are stretched beyond our financial limits while
health care, education and the environment suffer sever loses

Are we going to let it happen because we are silent?

Mexican Miners and the Illegal Removal of Their Leader, Napoleon Gomez

February 19, 2006, a gas explosion at the Pasta de Conchos mine in
Mexico killed 65 Mexican miners. The Mexican government cut
short rescue efforts, sealing the mine before the bodies were even
recovered. Napoleon Gomez, democratically elected president of
Los Mineros, the Mexican miner’s union, immediately demanded a
thorough investigation into the explosion; accusing the government
of negligence and calling for the investigation and removal of their
Minister of Labor. Immediately following this, the Mexican
government under President Vicente Fox and Secretary of Labor,
Francisco Salazar, illegally removed Gomez from his position and
replaced him with union dissident Elias Morales.

Because of this illegal, hostile action 270,000 Mexican miners and
metal workers launched a three-day nation wide strike. The freedom,
liberty and rights of these Mexican workers have been violated and
are still under assault! The Steelworkers signed a strategic alliance
with Los Mineros last April, committing each organization to defend
the human rights of our respective members. We are taking action
and demanding that the Mexican government and Fox restore Gomez
as head of Los Mineros and to stop bullying independent labor unions
and respect the workers democratic right to choose their own unions
and leaders.

We are asking you to call the Mexican Embassy toll-free

at 1-800-311-1889 to tell them:

-Support worker’s rights
-Stop Oppressive tactics that hurt workers
-Restore Gomez and cease heavy-handing unions and workers