Ma Ha Gony Nicotine

roger peter look and see
we all become masters of survival
some more dishonest honest or druthers
be kind to yourself
in any disparagement
half is yours half is mine theirs
everyone loves a teddy bear
(be leery of proprietorship
it is only comely in little children
and they
only step on your toes,
the big children go for the heart)
“the life unexamined
is not worth living”
my beloved
Mother of the Night and Day
are your best friends
paraphernalia manipulation creation
is only loopingly plausible
little big horn is aplenty
stars are born and die
the burden onerous
our personal past is our guide to future
stations a time of down
by the old mill stream
o the joy
to awake to the smell
of heavenly bread!

The Muse Withholding

a very fine one you’ve picked there brother John
who ties the tongue like winter holds the seed
yet aware the beating there within
with rhythm of the ages sages it only takes
three wisdoms patience of the waiting
waiting the howling calm of the wind
tick tock three o’clock all tis at the well
music train clef’s then flats
Tipperary is not too much further now
and Tripoli has doubled in the past
cards are shuffled waiting for the deal
what is dreaming who is now awake
remember then
“It’s best to not take one’s self too seriously.”

of course my subject is my losing or more succinct
never truly knowing surely perhaps
once shedding discipline it is remarkable
the search for that which is most valued
changing muses in the stumbling along
of course lives are fraught with imperfection
full of denials and rejection

i try and i try but i
still hold remnants of the Vatican Rag
the “I’m not worthy will never be”
worthy of what and to whom i say
you priestly priest who scolds me not to think
or the false hearted friend who condemns my habit
while indulging his because it is manly

the fingers in the dark find f and g
paused like the eyes in candle light
to the silence between the in and out
will there be a 4:44 o’clock
between the tock find either you or i
after the tick is :41
most likely there will be a next tear drop to fall
she’s here :42
the walking stick is handy in the parlor
:43 one howling wind returns
. . . . . . … .. .. . . . . . . . .
4:44 a.m.

John Warner John Warner

John Warner John Warner
one powerful senator
opens the senate floor
with only one senator
99 having no prior notice?
brings up a bill
asks for objections
no one objects surprise surprise
John John approves the bill
and calls the session ended.

erstwhile exes
all be passes
If one says they are taking themselves too serious
isn’t it possible they are?

Can Rice be legally forced to only show success in Iraq,
or even any picture she paints for the world,
Or is there any outside force on Ms. Rice to orate
any thing she has clear knowledge is not true?
If so – is it not more honest, if it is honest,
to decline to answer as a matter of national security,
that is of course if we have even a few honest members
of OUR national security
to whistle blow when there is blatant dishonesty?

If we win in Iraq will the Bushites sacrifices have been worth it?

That depends on what “it” is.
If winning means Iraq will be a true democracy
where Sunni rights, as a minority, will be protected,
and women get equal rights,
and the Saddam trial is seen by the world
as a fair and equal judicial system,
that would be a world of good.
if “it” is
what worth, in other words
how much of our American democratic principles did we sacrifice
9/11 did strike fear into the hearts of Americans
a national 911 call so to say
and how many lying lies have we the people been told
to increase that fear as if
the 45 minutes to a real mushroom cloud was not enough fear
then that fear was proved falsified intelligent information
to the biggest lethal crooks in the world today are those who falsify “facts”
how trite and false the sound of “as a matter of fact” as if
calling something a fact makes it a fact
“Sloganeering from the Right and the Left does not enhance any debate”

How is Israel like America today?
Both are in a quagmire,
otherwise known as a stalemate.
Both leaders of these countries still believe
if they “just stay the course” they will win.
How long, O America, O Jerusalem,
is it 58 years now?
It is not Bolivians fault Americans want Cocaine
instead of the medicinal benefits of Coca.
The best of America is Beautiful
but she is no longer a teenager
one might say, middle age, the question is
will she still represent liberty in old age?

Sax by Cham bliss R. Georgia

here they come
shield to shield
arms at ready
a one body almighty force
moving down the people’s street
the people sit down a massive lake
one gigantic mirror
reflecting the warriors
steeled in iron, eyes masked
but not covered
will they now strike
downward like a wayward god
they don’t like seeing the blood too much
modern enforcers now only inflicting pain
pepper spray, mace, phosphorus
chemicals of mass pain and destruction
the final score:
once seen, the lake of humanity is
deny it mr. warrior the cost is loss of sanity
reality never did exist in technology
cameras and instant text
i.e. American Inventors is a big reality hoax
hoax no joke
this very moment Saxby Chambliss R – Georgia
member Armed Service Committed
“These are not Sunday school teachers”
those of where and when they will attack America
fear double fear ya
how will we ever discern the truth
when perpetual war is your very own personal job security
“I wish the debate would focus on American security”

Recite for us your record of success.
Admit how most Americans do not feel safer,
especially with the quagmire in Iraq.
Admit we are becoming that which Bushites call evil.

Our Lady Liberty is on her knees
more than half of we the people
demand our leaders follow Geneva Convention’s International Laws
never again means never again

Homoo Sapiens

he took us where he knew we never wanted to go
the 911 trick with mushroom clouds
gave us George Tenet’s split tongue
told the left his “hair was on fire” with urgency re Al Qaeda
and on the right “it’s a slam dunk” re intelligence
rights who hate life screamed
“bomb ’em to kingdom come!”
o little bud how come you never opened?
our Cowboy learns a tad little
of going forth without pride but
ok yeah right won somewhat
we all do not need to be told we are there
what is is
show your back packers you do believe
whomsoever the designer
life is intelligent we are it is true
homo sapiens and only a tad
of understanding a foreign language
or as our parents once were wont to say
“look it up in the dictionary”
the downfall of automatic spell checkers is
there is no contact with the definition
Francis de Budah asks
“For whom do you write?”
myself, my family, my extended family, my neighbors
and life
which is love
which would never never be heard saying
“bomb ’em to kingdom come”
most on the right would not either
it is their fringes that are dangerous
as is equally the fringes on the left
follow the money
fringes that live like billionaires are
what got us from there to here
now is a good time to fly a true democracy
we the people do have power over our elected officials
greed’s temptation trickles all the way down from the top
elected officials DO pay attention to polls
denying attention when they do not like the numbers
and citing them when they do
we are more united than they allow us to believe
we homos who became sapiens need not leave behind the flower’s bloom
it is the war tenor in the voice that sounds more like fear unchecked
the ring of panic would displace the tinkling sacramental bell
when called to speak we can speak with civility
there is no other way to have an honest debate
evolution, if intelligent, would choose intelligent leaders
the devil himself/herself is/can be most charismatic

“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost

How did it happen Robert
so turned around in academia
“Good neighbors make good fences”
is all they heard and how they taught
so misconstrued the Mending Wall
would rob you of your laureate

but that sounds too academia racist
not all of any group is one thing or another
extremes are always in the peripheral
the lowest common denominator and the pompous
where poetry rules and regulations became stone
then along comes Thomas and Sylvia et al
high brow or low brow, pudding is the proof
upon the points of fences lie two edges
those who want fences declare they are all good
and those who wonder whom they might offend
or in our laurel poets words:
“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.”

US and Torture

Where are the schools
and who teachers
of torture technicians
or do we make it up
as we go along
adjusting till we hear
a tortured animal scream
from a human being
No torture
means no exception.
Why is there ANY debate
in the US senate
Mr. Chenney
taking unto himself absolute power
will the house of the people
allow this Dick to be
corrupt absolutely?