Welcome to Halloween

Butch Hancock:
“Count ’em all by hand,
it’s who’s gonna win;
the masters or the slaves”

How much ink does a Blackwell ink well hold?

Computer Diebold promised Ohio in 2004 and delivered
in a world where one computer can talk to another computer
in the middle of vote counting

And the Reps are squealing,
“When Dems win this time,
what will they have to say about voting fraud then?”

Mother Bull is roaring,
“When 70 to 80% of we the people
vote straight democrat,
even Diebold can’t fraud that!”

This lone bird votes early
advises others to do the same
and use you’re cell phone
to the greatest of its advantage.

Each Death A Loss : Each Innocent Death a Disaster

Every 3 minutes someone is dying in Iraq
US trillion dollars monies worth is buying
the Lady flees to England reuniting
Pussy Cat with Owl as
one by one we build our fantasy
choosing insanity or plain crazy
meanwhile God’s Learning Channel teaching
“How to live with your fears, you can,
cause God is on your side.”

“What will you do with your extra hour,
when we turn back time?” CNN Quick Vote asks.
“Give it back in the fall,” Abby replies…

Oliver North and the Tet Offensive defense
a countries natural reaction to invasion
by foreign colonialists
who are known to settle for 1/2 a country
(re North and South Korea,
East and West Germany)

“O Abby Right the 20 Iraqis who died
in that stolen hour – butterflies now all dead
and gone another little piece of our human heart.”

got Halloween?

“Instead of marrying them buy them a house and be done with it.”
– Willie Nelson

“Instead of lying tell them it’s not about/all about sex.”

Mechanical voices on mechanical mics
crafting words spinning
“Toil and trouble, toil and trouble.”

sign your John Hancock here
check the list, check it twice
we’ve been had
was it naughty or nice
started fire Santa Anta
the lightening rod Donald Rumsfield
where will they deploy Laura?
Way in the streets and in the schools
in the bedrooms of US and They
gotcha or not
…four days and counting
…eleven days and counting
Opening today at your local theaters:
“They Killed the President”
Opening tomorrow:
“By the powers invested in me
I declare Marshall Law!”
– Dick the Chenney

Belief vs Intelligence

“I believe I’m innocent”
as opposed to
“I know I’m innocent”
is how Jack jumps over the candlestick

Who the Handlers
turning Bush into a buffoon so
Nostradamus prediction
“They will elect a fool to lead them”
comes true so the end is near
Be Afraid Be Very Afraid
Hide if you will, but Peek:
Will the deciding issue be
foreign policy, stocks rising, or the desire
to to be
in someone else’s bedroom,
two weeks from today?

John Aschroft On The Daily Show?

John Ashcroft “Never Again”
but he did lie. Ask Mel Carnaham
if Ashcroft won by popular vote.

He tells Jon Stewart
“Come to Missouri,
you’ll think it is heaven.”
You’ll know it isn’t
when you visit the East side,
I say.

But that’s they way it is
when you’re born again Evangelican,
where evil is good and the sin of omission,
is not a sin, as in
Evangelicals believe the Jews, in the end,
will accept Jesus as the true Messiah,
the secret mission of God’s Learning Channel,
like all true believers renounce sexuality,
and pray their closet door will never be opened…
p.s. “Open Sesame” worked!

Be that as it may…
As a matter of fact…

Bush says “Stay the course.”
Bush says “It’s never been about staying the course.”

Abortion? Today there are estimated over 100 million orphans in the world!

If every anti-abortionist adopted one orphan,
how many would be still without a home,
or food to save their lives?
Hard to say as we keep making orphans –
two million in Afghanistan
one and 1/2 million in Iraq.
May we live long enough to see you walk your talk
compassionate conservatives?
If I hold your hand will it feel like a fish?
If I hug you will you turn to stone?
If the election in 17 more days
is a choice between choosing
abortion or war
for whom doth your vote cast?

18 Days and Counting Down

good night they stroke a bargain
give us 8 good years of tax breaks
we’ll give them debt unto their grandchildren
think George Bush will ever want an abortion?
think Chenney’s upper left lift will ever come down?
it’s not that Dems have not had sexual scandals
it’s that the Reps claimed the higher moral ground
as we spin to and fro
Dems this year Reps that year
Corporate America continues to grow
everybody maxed out their plastic yet?
refinanced homes with flex interest?
home home on the street
where cameras stare and lights glare
into the dawns early light
oh say can you see
what might have been
if America and me
and you had not rationalized
that first immoral act
or confessed it away with no restitution
or “we are born again
so anything we do is not immoral”
come on righties you can do it
one random act of kindness every day
find a job that has some socially redeeming value
the chasm is deed but the bridge is wide
good night Keith, and good luck!

Election Countdown 2006

19 Days and Counting…

Clinton and Foley immoral
according to “Christian” standards
throwing a wrench in the engine
that demonizes gays
who are
the Republican Log Cabin Gays?
who cares
Chenney et all sinister grins
(check out Rove’s high school pic)
if the devil don’t get you first
the lies will
Where of where are our Johns?
Dead And Buried in Their Graves
but their spirit lingers on…
“It is not who killed me,
it’s WHY?”
wHat was JFK known to be going to do?
“Change US Foreign Policy”
The question is also:
“Who gained and Who lost?”
Only one issue is paramount
in this count down election,
“Who will debate foreign policy?”
Turn off the TV and talk to your neighbor
visit, telephone, fax, email, blog,
and remember the fish in the cubicle
and the freedom that comes from the song:
“Imagine we ain’t gonna take it any more.”

Iraq: the Turning Point

not the several promised
but the point of churches
and politics in the US of A –
will there be a wedding
or we learn from history’s mistakes?
let’s see oh yeah
a church state wedding
is what they say our enemies want
we give them democracy and give up ours?
habeas corpus on life support system
in the birth place of civilization
how many Civil Wars does it take
(here or there)
to create a country
where the people rule themselves
where dictators and kings have no throne?
When a president refuses to follow the will of the people
we all should be shaking in our boots
who aint? Evangelicans
and the Power
behind the Bush
20 days and counting…

American Dream: the Nightmare

that lining is gold the mother is old
the cotton is mouth and of course they lie
mother whowood withhold her love
father whowood unleash his violence
what boogie man is scarier than that?
God Power the ultimate temptation!
tiny tots will tell you
all life needs nurturing and will get it
negative or positive even knowing
the pain of negative behavior
what was sweet bye and bye
is where the thorns now lie
i’ve always been crazy
but i think i’ll stay that way
if you tell me
THE American dream
is NOT now a nightmare!