Jasmine Light

nothing needs too make sense anymore
hear them laughing in their ass as they
shell out cash of buying an election
seeing it matters not
to their followers when they spew
lie after lie after lie

i’ve already cried if they win
today’s facebook pinhead
deleted my responses to his post
when he didn’t want any more truth
but he read the words and they
are in my head as they are his
“I’d rather stand in line at a soup kitchen
than have a president who would lie us into war.”
it was when repeated my anti-war
i was defriended

futurerama gave me back
beloved Ali McBeal
and the remembering

we were so much dumber then
we’re smarter than that now

thanks and praises
creators of our information global highway
come on down
when you want to go fishing
or bird watching or feeding birds
of many color and song
or visit Jasmine Light
not to worry
she’s potted and moved
up west