He Married An Unhappy Ever After

poor lil’ fella

he lost his smile to Daisy Don’t
his heart to Rosy Thorn
Incurious Cat bumped his head
The cross burned his soul

he was Noman
afraid of an apple
divorced of the tree

then along game June
with April and May
Pan was playing his tune

poor lil’ old boy
played the cards he was dealt
with nary a reason why

but the music
turns to Mozart
and the spirit to the rain
oh see the new born king is lonely
was now and ever shall be
see them put one and then another
on a pedestal high
only to knock them down

ever after is after what?

after the rain is over
after the clown has cried
ever will be a fat lady singing
ever will be the lonely united

“Sing your cell song now,” he said.
Fear not to be who you are
day by day
You are only lonely
when you forget
we’re all alone
or together


“they” were not happy ever after either