Hello, Hello Dear Friend


i have to let myself believe
shuffling thru old ashes
is better done here than
the new home i’ll occupying
soon enough
far far away from
brambles and fig leaves

tonights dish a
double entry:
-fiery words written
never mailed so
long ago, but stamped
when stamps were fifteen cents
-fiery mind
that followed me out the door
pulling on a chainsaw cord

i have to…
for tears and sleep
do not add up to
two plus two

write a dear old friend
survivor extradonaire

remember the magic
of poetry readings
the dry socks i pulled from my feet
for you when yours were wet and cold
there were no second thought
thus was my love
and admiration, that, and,
it was your bra flag flying
from a car antenna
that informed me we
had more in common
than common sisters

yes…me…reaching here
for a happen end of
words reaching
beyond my hand and your time
to two smiles
one for you, one for me

ok, here’s a funny of today

a facebook male friend posts:
“I decided to stop wearing underwear today.”
my comment, “ah…free…free at last…”

p.s. i know you’re in a happy place so
here’s thanks for the knowing of you
that helped me thru this night
and no no more tears.