River Music


Truly, it’s hearing the voice
singing from the heart with
the whole being that makes
music so accessible.

More’s the pity the pity
singing of pain via nasal
thus shared pain instead
of turning it into joy.

By far, to me, most offensive
voices of grown adults
singing with
Teenybopper voice.

A Buddhist business owner
gives workers a 2 day axe notice.
Is he a bad rap
for Buddha?

Call it the laughing song.

“You poor dear,”
she messages her younger self
reflected in the drapless picture window
dark outside bare ceiling light bulb lit
with her 80 year old right hand
she moves her cheek
back to the cheek bone
and there she was
naively innocent
of what was yet
to come….

she begins with yesterday’s morning
same as today, Dawn
Rosy Dawn with Azul Blue
soon touching her horizon
to begin:

Call it the laughing song.

There’s a River journey to write
to ponder up over yonder
he awakens
cold water splashes face
steps out the front door
once again amazed
feels wow

for what is a few hundred miles
nay, perhaps even thousands
when thoughts open to
stretching and tugging
will Music and River
hear me now?

I can not know I can not say
my deep rose colored orb awaits
encircled of Bear Mountain
(shall I bring her along?)

please don’t say
she’s too far off her rocker
(it’s only one room away)

the question is music
and where the flowers went
after the dance was over
after the ball turned blue

“If it can not be sung
don’t say it.”

“If it can not be love
don’t pass it.”

“I’ll be there
before the last
pit-pat falls.