Amnesty International is greater than a Bush

“absurd” does not delete American gulags
murders, beatings, tortures
if the excuse is war this is hell
68,000 detained world wide
brought to you by over reaction to 9/11
W. Mark Felt having deja vu
as is every drafted Vietnam Vet
enemy body count was pumped up then
now We Don’t Count ‘Em Tommy Franks
appetites to sacrifice our children
going going gone praying the day will arrive
when “they” plan a war and no one comes
General John Ridge demoted for speaking truth
Bush policy: lies beget lies to cover lies
core values covering infestation of lice
itch brain! itch itch!
listen to the tenor of the Bush tongue
when confronted by unscripted questions
someone please ask the question why
it was not the mouth covered by fig leaves
when that was the organ of the original offense?