655,000 Iraqis dead! “It’s all about politics,” one expert said.

amen! politics are deadly
diamonds are a girl’s best friend
baby girls for sale
politics are deadly to the indigenous
foreign policy is deadly to Americans
divide 655,000 by 3,000
and ask what one American life is worth
torture is an American Value
habeas corpus is dead
which kills all civil liberties

“Will the real Americans
flush this political toilet?”

27 days to election and counting…

Rep. Kay Granger, Republican, Texas

When you allow “exceptions to the rule”,
we’re talking about the “rule of law”,
in this case US law concering torture
you/d allow for the breaking of that law.
Laws are enacted to create a line, which,
to cross over is to commit a crime.

No one is above the law,
so why do you, Kay Granger,
as a leader in the the People’s House,
not impeach Mr. Bush for breaking the law?

Lady Liberty Sighs

o son o daughter
you can have peace
with your mother AND father
even knowing no peace between them
(it never was about you)
it was the impossibility of possession,
improbability of concession of equality,
and every path to home individuation
if grandparents do not become children
surely great grand parenting
will make it so

o right wingers o left wingers
always question why before US birds
do or die – noone can fly with only one wing

Senator What’s Your Name!
In the name of Holy Children
never never never again place a teenage boy
next to your as your give your
concession speech!

over and out, roger

Mrs. Samuel A. Alito

here’s what i fear you are
a mirror image of suburbia 1950’s
do you sign your children’s grade cards
Mrs. Samuel A. Alito?
your checks and your balances
by association you see you as he
his victories are your victories
the good woman behind any great man
was that the source of your tears that
anyone dares doubt his greatness

your name’s not Mary
your name is Martha
Martha loved Sam long ago
once a young lad, hands full of roses
now no rose for you nohow
he’s one of the good ol’ boys
your place upon the cinders

i cry for you poor woman
having been there done that

God, According To Matthew

G – Now let’s see if I got this right…
You had to sign a legal document where you swear
to ‘love for better or worse till death do you part’
and no matter how vile mean ugly or destructive
either party is you are legally bound to ‘love’,
and the only release from this torture is death,
or a living death where wife/or sometimes husband
surrenders their will to the other?

M – But I was only following and teaching
your holy book the Bible. I was able to subjugate Mary
for the public but my subjugation of her in our home
destroyed those loving feelings that brought us together
and neither got no satisfaction. Oh, Sundays were grand
but the thanks and praises walked out the door
when my sermon was over and hand shakes ended.

G – Come on in Matthew you were also a victim,
as was Mary, of all the false prophets for profit,
who took unto themselves All Mighty Powers.
Come sit down beside me, let us now observe
what they will do to Mary – how can they not know
when all hope is gone there are two options
suicide and/or murder – neither of which rises
our of jealousy, but desperation.

M – And who in the world is not feeling despair now?

G – I’ll tell you who – those who sacrifice their mind and will
and psyche themselves into raptures on earth – that only
masters of Satan can give. I’ve told them, between
God and Devil, it is only the devil that can lie.

But there is hope Matthew. When at first one lies,
the need arises to cover one lie with another lie,
it becomes a way of life like cheating does once
one crosses that line with trumped-up rationality;
cheating and lying, of necessity, becomes a duet,
a double bind so to say – a house of cards where out
comes only with collapse.

But you are here and they are there and you
are now in the company of all the victims
of liars and cheaters of all denominations,
all of whom are in another place…
back in school so to say with no cheat sheets.

Here, Matthew, as a victim you’ve earned your wings,
the halo comes later if you wish to try next time to
nourish instead of surrender those gifts each and every
child is born with: a curious mind and free will.

Good night, and good luck.

Ah, Nancy

your name is Polosi not Reagan
“Redeploy and leave enough troops in the region
to protect our interests.”
And what are our interests in the middle east?
If it smells like oil it is probably Israel and oil.
Yes the world owes Jewish people a refuge, an ark.
That genocide holocaust of WW II when
many knew and did not stop it
some out of fear some out of not caring
but the great divide of Palestine and Israel
was unjust to the people removed from their land
with no compensation and no voice in the decision.
We the people have been divided and lied
up to the very pits of hell.
The Asian tsunami and Katrina proved
that we the majority of the people are generous
and compassionate when we learn
to turn the other cheek we will be more merciful
and blessed be when we the people choose leaders
who practice the beatitudes
Literally we used to tar and feather or
“throw the bums out” of government
dems and reps alike there are no shortage of dishonest politicians
the clattering dems and reps who repeat only what they are told
to repeat the echo chamber is deafening
they have sold our airways to corporations
but with high technology the whole world is watching
could watch/see for themselves
how a true democracy works
and it can not work without the rule of law
and no one is more equal than any other
this is our chance Mr. President Bush
to stand up for those Christian ideals you’grew up with
We the people are literate we can read for ourselves
And we can see for ourselves eloquent statesmen
Mr. Smiths that go to Washington; they are easy to spot
Give us the people live feed into the workings of our government.
It is always the secret government that gives the people cause to fear.
Give us our bought and paid for viewing
of our house, of our senate, of our justice system.
Give us C-SPAN I, II and III.
We the people were told in the beginning
cable would be ad free and we only pay for the service
instead we pay for shows we don’t want and
ads that have us all zapping them
Make political adds illegal.
Give equal time to more than two political canidates.

What is “Manifest Destiny” anyway but Imperialistic.
Our America has a history of Imperialism so called Colonialism
Ok we are here that is there
How do we repay our debt?

Saddam’s trial is the “mother of all trials”
give US and the world live feed
let us prove democracy with respect for the law
works, for
without justice there is no peace.

Big 8 Bush

“We will not yield.”
!!!exactly yield what???
what would it mean to yield to terrorists?
give them what they demand?
what do thy demand?
why do we refuse to listen?
because we love our big fat pockets?
love our opulent throw-away life?
2012 End of Another Cycle
7 more years 30,000 daily starving to death
300 million living on less that one dollar per day
equal to US entire population
Osama bin Laden demanded US out of Saudi Arabia
and settle the Israeli conflict
one of today’s callers to Washington Journal lethally
threatened Americans who speak out against Bush
civil war in America?
civil war in Israel over Gaza?
real shock and awe is expecting rapture
and all we get is broken and dead bodies
USURY is THE Original Sin

Truth, Torture and The American Way*

“…avoid giving specific responses
to any direct questions on legal issues
likely to come before the Court”

– John Roberts, Supreme Court nominee

i dream the Buddha face offered me
replacing 71 year map of of where
i’ve been the temptation
of appearing as something i am not
alive and well for all citizens of US of A
and whomsoever we profess to protect
around the world take me around the world
as you have done before
now stand and face your foes
now stand and face your partner
tortured truth is black not white
it is not the tail wagging the dog
it is our torch wagging
Lady Liberty turned on her head
turn around don’t drown.

Open letter to Jonathan Pollack

I tried, three times, to send you a closed letter via Brookings Institution
unfortunately it seems
they do not want input from non members

Dear Jonathan Pollack,

Please acknowledge what N. Korean wants from America – A Peace Treaty. To them, a Truce implies we may attack them again. Do the right thing.

Thank you,
Great Grandmother Summer

And who did you think was buying the sex slaves?


not India
they have turned from their Sacred Cow
to Sacred Gold

how many bastard children
did jolly ol’ king of England have
mothered by his servants
force fed
The Frog and the Prince

jolly ol’ kings
are the 1%

poor thangs
these days
the servants are not so Seville
in Sevile

don’t it make your stomach wanna gush

And who did you think was buying the sex slaves?