Won’t you come clean Philip Cooney

won’t you come clean
once a lawyer never a scientist
once oil industry lobbyist on climate change
before the air gets thicker than smoke
before the earth gets hotter than hell
the skullduggery of the electorate
divided the US of A
in the final tally it was not about
gays and abortions vs. war
it was about pocketbooks vs.
they who have no pockets
whitehouse whitewash white lies
will not improve family home life
June is bustin’ out
truth is near dying dead
won’t you come clean Philip Cooney
won’t you come home?

John Bolton, John Bolton, Won’t you come over?

You can’t ignore the Senate
give us this information
or there will be no Bolton
the Senate fell four votes shy.
White House Communications Director:
“another effort to distract…clearly a stalling tactic
the American people…growing weary of,”
correction: only 30 something percent.
John Bolton tried to have fired two intelligence analysts
Did he go further than that?
What part did he play in the Iran/Contra
drugs for weapons scandal?

trapped in an occupied mind

tell me how does it feel
to cheerleader a fixed game?
all people not chosen by God are scalawags
or the Christian message
choose Jesus as your personal savior
or be damned to eternal fire and brimstone
occupation occurring mid brain
short circuiting the balance between
balancing checkbook and compassion
misfires create blowbacks
proverbial Catch 22’s
paradox creates conundrums
commandments denies free will
Holy Cow for God’s Sake
the trapped mind is fearful to behold
fascism is having all the answers
there is documentation (Bible/Torah)
that God’s his’en or her’en self
changed his’en/her’in’s mind
on more than one occasion and always
for compassionate reasons
human nature, un perverted is

how long must the children of Palestine and Israel suffer?

from Jewish World Review today:

Statistics FACTS; Jewish Poverty in Israel
* 22% of population lives below poverty level
* 720,000 children suffer from deprivation, malnutrition, and hunger.
* Shocking Fact: One in five Israeli kids goes to sleep without supper

goggled today:

JERUSALEM, March 5, 2003 …60 percent of the population of the West Bank and Gaza live
under a poverty line of US $2 per day. The numbers of the poor have tripled from 637,000 in
September 2000 to nearly 2 million today.

For G_d’s sake, stop the suffering of all His children!!!

My World Never Changes

But People Do
(title borrowed from Frank Anthony, poet)


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Pat Buchanan on C-SPAN

Patty Pat Pat Buchanan there is reason to bring down
a president who is guilty of high crimes
wish are always done in secret
blessed be the whistle blowers
Patty Pat Pat Buchanan there is a reason to bring down
a president who believes America needs a change in foreign policy
John F. Kennedy
“take down the most popular president of the time”
Richard Nixon
brought down but not killed.
dot dot dot

W. Mark Felt hero or villain?

Mark Felt was a villain who became a hero
he was a villain working in J Edgar Hoover’s FBI
and became a hero when he risked imprisonment
becoming a whistleblower beginning
the downfall of a criminal Nixon
and ended the Vietnam War
one big difference in Iraq War whistleblowers is
fake whistleblowers shoot down real stories;
like Bush’s military records
to mention one in a five year burning Bush record
of lies spun into false truths.