“We have to get over our addiction to oil” – George W. Bush

Macon Hawkins, of Kosciusko, Texas,
a diabetic 69-year-old American hostage
released on his birthday (today) said,
“I have no animosity toward them at all.
I’ve seen their little villages, they’re dirt poor,
poor as field mice.”

Nigerian militants want a greater share
of proceeds from the oil pumped
from beneath their southern lands,
which remain deeply impoverished.

Report Released on February 23, 2006
Nigeria (1.174 million barrels per day)
exported to the Good Ol’ Addicts US of A

What US abet we owe atonement,
and the dues are way past due.

Cowboy George Bush meets Ghandi

when sleep won’t come
and the moon is full
when arms are empty
will we remember?

play must be work
when day is done
and previous distractions
no longer distract

when all is said
and nothing done
no place to hide
no place to run

naked of masks
we face our feet
are we walking our talk
or splitting our tongue?

we made God
in our image then swear
He made us
in His

we make our enemy
the Devil and swear
who is not with us
is against us

nono nannette declares
never more
Poe’s raven cries
some of us wear sandals

walking in the sand
across lines drawn
blown clean
by feathered wind