Wrecked Prose For Jeff D. Opdyke

if all you people rolling in money from rolling up stock portfolios
took $25,000 and invested in alternative energy
they might help this planet last an extra two years
“It’s not easy being green.”
it’s not easy because to few people are being green
pricier hybrid cars
solar panels insanely pricey
and yes
rich yuppies are doing us a favor when they go green
the manufacturers of these products are Ford like
Fordable so to say…
and realize mass production and lower cost per unit
allows even their workers to go green

“But philosophy doesn’t pay my bills.”

Nor did philosophy create your bills.
Philosophy is there to help you understand things
like you can not have a war on terror with terror.


“I want to do it,” Tara says.
“But it will take decades before it makes financial sense.”

Angela Jolene says, “Do it because it is
the right

Bush: No artificial time table to leave Iraq.


We are not looking for anything artificial Mr. Bush
We are looking for a date certain to leave Iraq and end
your artificial reason for staying

Nor are we looking for artificial indignation
of crucifying a Mustang who believed
“nappy-headed ho” was a joke,
maybe he, like I, have heard the next generation
jokingly call their peers “ho”
words – like “ho” and “bastard” lose their sting
when they take on common usage
or as the women’s coach of the women’s basketball,
Rutger’s team, said yesterday,
“No one can make you feel inferior,
unless you let them.”

Can we hate the sin without hating the sinner?
Give Bush a bill with a date certain and
without pork, Congressmen.
Women of Rutger’s,
if you would know the sincerity of Imus’ apology
visit his ranch in New Mexico and meet the children
with cancer, to which he provides camping experiences.

What does Sharpton and Bush have in common?
They both believe “Out of sight out of mind”
If we don’t see our dead soldiers returning in coffins
everything is going fine in Iraq.
If Imus gets axed we won’t hear
the street language of our ghettos.

What does Imus and Bush not have in common?
Imus says what he thinks and apologizes
when he learns he has offended a team of young ladies.
Bush says what he thinks we want to hear.

Who would make a better leader?

Elephants and Donkeys

always tend not to pay attention
to what they do not want to believe is real

take author Robert Kagan who stated this very morning
“The world did not object to the Iraq War when we went in,
we look bad to them now, because of how, it was carried out.”
so i guess Mr. Kagan did not pay attention
to the world wide anti-war movements all around the world
BEFORE we invaded Iraq.

take candidate Hillary Clinton who voted for the war,
against the war, must stay until Iraq has security
today traveling to Selma, Alabama to commemorate
the Civil Rights Movement – it this her first trip?
what is special about the 42nd anniversary?
if she went was her last visit to Selma
also an election year?

Take candidate Rudy Giuliani, so did he object
when told it was safe for the disaster workers
and the New Yorkers to breathe the air at ground zero?
Is he for abortion or no? Gay rights or no?

I’ll give you an Ann Colter with her personal sexual issues
oozing up from the bottom of her boyish body to her throat
laughing “fagot” of a candidate she opposes.

Give me a break from the nasty name calling
and do me a favor by answering one question
as this elliptical full moon nears my western horizon:

What’s so special about the 42nd that was not so special
about the 41st?

Never mind, I’ll tell what is so special…
believing that a man or a woman or a black
or a Mexican or an Italian can be elected
as a US president.

EXCISE me! What?
OK, prove me wrong the day we once again
once again are bored as two white male candidates
debate nothing(.)

And don’t try to tell me I hate whites, or especially
white men I am in the dark
of the moon and the light of one blue candle burning
or inside out or round about or otherwise

Political Dollars Destroy US Constitutional Republic

Don’t tell your children they can grow up to be president,
not every child is born with a silver spoon.

Judge Scalito: “Atmosphere, stratosphere. I don’t want to deal with those.”
(In his decision to vote against reducing admissions of carbon dioxide.)

The only way EVERY child can grow up to be president
is when America Wakes Up and decides
advertising politicians is an oxymoron,
most especially incumbent politicians.

“…like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime,”
offered Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, wearing a flack-jacket, in Iraq,
with Humvees, 100 US troops and helicopters overhead.
(where in the world is Indiana?)

Only southerners are left who strip voting rights
from convicted felons who have paid their dues –
like Florida, like Virginia, like Kentucky —
where the highest number of felons
come from poverty and blacks.

The rich have strip-mined our children
from equal opportunity in politics
the only Fair, in politics or love,
is equal, free, air time…
No Mud slingers need apply.

“There are no problems,
there are only missing answers,”
quote Breeze Finder

Hillary Cackle Clinton

The Hillary Cackle

there is nothing cute
about Hillary’s cackle Chris Matthews
it was her response about voting
for going to war with Iran
it is our proof it doesn’t matter
if we have a Republican King
or a Democratic Queen of the Hill
their purpose is to quibble
over domestic policy
and leave American Foreign Policy
to the Skull and Bone Shakers
aligned with Corporate Greed
in the form of WTO and NAFTA
the very cause of illegal immigration
while down in Santiago, Chile,
the corrupt are make ethanol,
causing the peasants
to run out of corn
to make tortillas.

Anna Nicole Smith and Al Gore

St. Anna Nicole Smith died for you fetish
for her boobs – Our lonely heart hunter
died and all the paparazzi are invited
to her funeral but
Don’t blame it on the paparazzi
blame it on the gawkers who buy the pics
hawk her story and even yes
three weeks after here death
displaying her ample boobs bobbing
39 years only the good die young?
even Jesus was 32 or 33 wasn’t he?

Well of course Al Gore resembles
mostly yuppies who fly jets and otherwise
live lavishly themselves…but the dogs are out:
“He’s human, not perfect, and we will prove it.”
How many hours passed before the “proof” was proffered?
Bill O’Reilly still talking about Al and his high electric bill
but with a softer stance. Has our Billy finally learned
before you bite a dog you look at your own electric bill, et al?

And of course Al Gore told us he was Green
when he was elected vice president, and did nothing green.
Try to remember and if you do you’ll remember
what you learned from your own mistakes
(Maybe even Bill will learn to listen to his wife when she says,
“Don’t do that on your show.” i.e. pointing fingers at guests)

And maybe TV programmers will stop making their star moneymakers
report on stories they, in good conscious, prefer not to report.
And maybe Anna is waiting to be buried until
those who helped her life be lonely…

For what ever the reasons, Anna lived and ended her life
as she did. She lived thru her pain till she died
and in Sudan tonight some baby starved to death
because her mother had no milk
and breast cancer is 99.9% a western disease.

Can’t you just feel her on cloud seven watching the show
the cloud where humor has no scarcity
I wish this for her…

Prohibition I and II: Alcohol and Cannabis


the main thing new/different…

the Lies:

Reefer Madness
Go Ask Alice
change the name
from cannabis to marijuana et al

Al Smith it was not true
you lost the election because you were Catholic
like they told us back when.

“I told some,
you tell the rest.”

Please Mr. President
et al politicians in power,
do not
make us suffer prohibition etc..
How many martyrs does it take
before you get right up
and make it right

Lady Liberty Sighs

o son o daughter
you can have peace
with your mother AND father
even knowing no peace between them
(it never was about you)
it was the impossibility of possession,
improbability of concession of equality,
and every path to home individuation
if grandparents do not become children
surely great grand parenting
will make it so

o right wingers o left wingers
always question why before US birds
do or die – noone can fly with only one wing

Senator What’s Your Name!
In the name of Holy Children
never never never again place a teenage boy
next to your as your give your
concession speech!

over and out, roger

foreign aid equals military weapons

and we don’t call it puppy love
foreign aid equals military/industrial
we, taxpayers money, is give to countries
to buy our war weapons
it’s not the people that matter
Israel leaders and Iranian leaders know
suicide is taking the first shot
their deadly game is
every now and then
rattle the nuclear weapon sabre
when crowds of protesters gather

fool me all my life
shame on you!
do nothing about it
shame on me!