Out Out, Old Year

oh pain of waxy ebb and flow
ringing inner outer ear
not to worry trixie nun
your true mother and father
will never allow
the turning into stone
not the prodigal son
nor the prodigal daughter
even so
one of the ex’s ask,
“Have you ever met a rock
that was not a pretty rock?”

wine without roses poor rose
so ready was she
to return

hush mother by and by
chick e chico
remember home
the homecoming
the coming home

was it not your wish
they spread their wings in flight
learn the seasons learn the world
learn the ways of human via/versa human

rosy dawn this ending of another year
chalking it up, reading it twice
discerning false and true

Run away, run away, run away all,
somewhere already
they’re striking up the band
dancing the year away

be happy