Hatfields and the McCoys
is where we were then
back where an eye for an eye was not enough
re hating the whole clan (or tribe)
where are we now
but hating a whole clan (or Muslims)
not only did we not act like Christians
(turn the other cheek)
we didn’t even act like Jews
(eye for an eye)
and no
we are not all the same
in our hating choices
as if we’ll never learn
the object of our hate does not suffer
we do
our body does
our mind does
our soul does
but the spirit lives
the very same one we are born with
let it go
set it free
then do the right thing
this land is my land
this land is your land
from California to the New York Island
from the Red red Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters
this land was made for you AND me
might we not learn to respectfully disagree?
<------------------------- this way to peace.