Wrecked Prose For Jeff D. Opdyke

if all you people rolling in money from rolling up stock portfolios
took $25,000 and invested in alternative energy
they might help this planet last an extra two years
“It’s not easy being green.”
it’s not easy because to few people are being green
pricier hybrid cars
solar panels insanely pricey
and yes
rich yuppies are doing us a favor when they go green
the manufacturers of these products are Ford like
Fordable so to say…
and realize mass production and lower cost per unit
allows even their workers to go green

“But philosophy doesn’t pay my bills.”

Nor did philosophy create your bills.
Philosophy is there to help you understand things
like you can not have a war on terror with terror.


“I want to do it,” Tara says.
“But it will take decades before it makes financial sense.”

Angela Jolene says, “Do it because it is
the right