Abu Faraj al Libbi

human eyes of no return
kinda frenzied they are reporting
tighter airport security even with full evidence
of each and every attack more spectacular
or at most unique
who will not look will not see
abuse it and you lose it common sense

Abu Faraj al Libbi
who will abet your torture on the rack?
knowing he will say whatever they want
to make the torture stop
or not perhaps
like other torturers they want to break his resolve
with sexual temptations like Bill O’Reilly says is ok by him
all i am saying Bill
is how many martyrs to their cause are you willing to look into their eyes?
Ghandi showed the British how stenchful it gets…
Yes, please, call him a terrorist
and then listen
and yes
Regan did negotiate for the Iranian hostages
in history we call it part of the Iran/Contra episode,
or more simply, American foreign policy
i know Bill
you have been assigned to make a connection
between the coma man who is now talking after 9 and 1/2 years
and Terri Schiavo who by now for sure
would like a little peace..