Rep. Kay Granger, Republican, Texas

When you allow “exceptions to the rule”,
we’re talking about the “rule of law”,
in this case US law concering torture
you/d allow for the breaking of that law.
Laws are enacted to create a line, which,
to cross over is to commit a crime.

No one is above the law,
so why do you, Kay Granger,
as a leader in the the People’s House,
not impeach Mr. Bush for breaking the law?

Shame Upon Barbara Bush

Remember these words of yours Barbara?
“Because of Robin, George and I love every lining human more.”
Being a fellow matron I understand, with grown children
we can only suggest…

Matron to matron I suggest to you you suggest to son George:

READ “Hiroshima” by John Hersey in 1946
(originally published in The New Yorker)

The nuclear weapons race of the “Cold War”
(cold for some but hot for others)
prevented the use of this most deadly WMD
from being used (at least ones that killed over 100,000
at one blow) until this very March day of 2006.

Now that your son George has proclaimed,
“Nothing is off the table in fighting ‘terrorists’.”
we are once again under the threat of a nuclear explosion
in our homeland and

Now is a good time for George to read the individual
accounts of the citizens of Hiroshima
that fateful day of August 6, 1945…
there you will find REAL shock and awe.

A must read for your Evangelical son
who believes “Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.”

He thus needs to learn first hand
from those that know, experienced and remembered,
the day hell’s fire dropped on their city
before making that fatal choice
of using nuclear weapons that mutate cells
at their nuclear level – to mention only the after affects.

Buy the book, buy two books,
give one to Laura, or four,
teach your children well.

all it takes is a cut/paste click click

Anti Mother’s Day

on this, my 77th birthday
i received this mother’s day/birthday message,
“do anything you want and have fun”

ok first
i don’t like the guilt attached
to mother’s day or any other day
we’re cultured in to “celebrate”
with gifts that never feel “enough”
but most of all and all the rest

i have the wonderful acquaintance
of many many wonderful humans
childless, by blood, but
have done, often,
more mothering than many mothers who
for whatever reason
were unable to nurture enough
for the health and well being of their children

yeah, for sure and why not
dream a day with more light, like…

Happy Mothering Day

Israel created before WW II


take me riding in the car car Ford Ford

The League of Nations carving out nations

Britain came to control territory which secured contiguity
between its Mesopotamian and Palestinian mandates, and
an uninterrupted overland route all the way from the borders
of Iran to the Mediterranean.

British alliance with Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud, the Wahhabi Emir,
became the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

British Foreign Office, in close touch with the World Zionist Organization,
had by 1917 formally committed itself to the establishment
of a Jewish National Home in Palestine.

British created another Arab kingdom
which became the kingdom of Iraq.

The British wartime commitment to facilitate
the establishment of a Jewish National Home
in the Palestine west of the Jordan was formalized
in 1920 and included as a mandate for Palestine,
as registered in the League of Nations.

The British at the time knew what they wanted,
and they got it: control over the oilfields of Iraq;
unimpeded access from there to the Mediterranean;
control of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Lebanon’s birth 1 September 1920

During the war years, the Allies had cheated the Arabs.
The British had promised them national independence
on their historical homelannds,
but they had failed to honour their promises.
Instead, they had partitioned this Arab territory with the French,
and committed themselves to hand over a particularly precious part of it,
namely Palestine, to the Jews.

The British had deliberately attempted to recreate
the Biblical Land of Israel, ‘from Dan to Beersheba’,
where the Jews were to have their national homeland.
The immigrant Jews actually called the country Eretz Israel,
and looked forward to the day when it would be transformed
into a Jewish state.


Open letter to Jonathan Pollack

I tried, three times, to send you a closed letter via Brookings Institution
unfortunately it seems
they do not want input from non members

Dear Jonathan Pollack,

Please acknowledge what N. Korean wants from America – A Peace Treaty. To them, a Truce implies we may attack them again. Do the right thing.

Thank you,
Great Grandmother Summer

if you would love let go of hate

21 days till Spring

“watch your vocabulary,”
Greg poemed.

words were
in the beginning
and when a word became a common word
via enough people using it, it
became written in a great book,
the Dictionary.

forsooth and why not
everybody stop! what’s that sound?
hate being deleted from the Dictionary
as it fell and fell from use
to the ground
fertilizing something new like maybe,

Just like a muscle and/or brain,
if we don’t use it we will lose it.

Now is a good time to stop using/thinking the word “hate”

And who did you think was buying the sex slaves?


not India
they have turned from their Sacred Cow
to Sacred Gold

how many bastard children
did jolly ol’ king of England have
mothered by his servants
force fed
The Frog and the Prince

jolly ol’ kings
are the 1%

poor thangs
these days
the servants are not so Seville
in Sevile

don’t it make your stomach wanna gush

And who did you think was buying the sex slaves?


Contraceptives Coming Out Party


thank you President of Change
from this ex-Catholic who suffered,
along with many 1950’s women,
from the church ban on contraceptives,
via married couples practising abstaining –
many the dictate of only one partner
via another edict, “Sex
is not the most important thing in marriage.”
as if…
and what was?
obeying the church, most important
yeah, and Knights of Columbus too.
(and who was Columbus?)

some of us escaped.
the name of mine was a priest
in my confession
answering my question with,
“You must have a lot of time on your hands
to do so much thinking.”
q: What did the mother of Jesus do
besides have a baby?
(i had 3 under 3 at the time)
and now
in my great-grand mother years
we, the escapees and i,
are given one more definition for
the 99%ers

thanks and praises