Baseball and Politics

when baseball crimes are covered up
by national security
and hordes still participate
in distractions of the Coliseum
choosing sides to feel like winners
when their side wins and when
it loses “wait till next time!”
the handicapped lead the way
out of winner or loser to
all are winners truly
who participate in healthy
sport-like contests like
swimming, running, dancing.

when government crimes are covered up
in the name of national security
and hordes are led to fear to distract
from worldwide games of war
propagandized into believing
“we” are the good guys against “those demons”
everyone’s a loser truly as both sides
get children blown to bits
when tribes/clans/nations return
to loving their children more
than they hate “those demons”
World Peace we all espouse we wish for
becomes possible.

when individuals hide their angst
with the actions of “other”
in the name of “nothing nice to say say nothing”
in fear of losing friend or an explosion
(even steel under too much pressure
explodes unexpectedly)
it is in the exchange of ideas we find
our description of personal space needed
and what fences to build
white picket fences were nice
(the Berlin Wall was not)
personal freedom reigned in
the pursuit of happiness.

America’s glory is not
the “shining light on the hill”
it is in the valley of the people
who have struggled to rule themselves
like a new born learning to walk and talk
America is learning to walk their talk
and the whole world is watching the struggle
for freedom from the ruling class
(the Constitution is not carved in stone!
it is a living work in progress)
O America thus conclude:
freedom of religion includes
freedom from religion!