Battlefields: Iraq and Same-sex Marriage * * * * Torture: School of the Americas

Today’s Breaking News:
Top Marine: Troops under too much strain
Same-sex divorce: new questions for states

Gobble Gobble

CNN Quick Vote question of the Day
Which do you prefer for Thanksgiving:
When the family arrives or when the family leaves?
The public responds half and half
not unlike our country divided.
One half has a wonderful day,
the other half has to pretend.

Old News:
When the father is booed for his son…
“I think that’s weird, it’s nuts, to think
that all we are is after money and power.”

School of the Americas Watch
(the REAL Counter-terrorists)

“A better world is under construction”

When the soldier divorces killing instead of his wife
and refuse to do what they were trained to do not:
“Do not cause pain or shame (re to Iraqis nudity
and bodily fluids are a source of shame).”

When the churches do their duty giving sanction
to those who refuse to go to war (or to return).

Where prisoners refused to make cages
for immigrant children and where they
no longer fear helicopters overhead
or fear poisoned waters.

Where elected leaders refuse to follow the reign of Hitler,
but instead, follow the reign of God
(or howinwhatsoever the form of one’s personal deity).