Ben Ferguson of Radio America

Wants the Death Penalty
of COURSE not for himself
In the name of compassion for the victims
he wants death penalty
Ben derides those against the death penalty
as having compassion for the wrong people.

SHADES of George W. Bush
use your rational mind Ben Ferguson
there IS another option if you can hear
People that are against the death penalty
have compassion for BOTH the victim
AND the criminal who is also human,
even after committing a criminal act.
Keep the criminal isolated from society
for the rest of his life. It does not matter
whether he confesses to the crime or not,
he Knows why he is being isolated,
guilty, or not guilty.

We have all the evidence any rational mind should need,
to know, in America, we have murdered innocent people.
Do not believe, if you so choose,
the statistics that tell us the death penalty
does not deter crime, but
KNOW, every time an innocent person is put to death
those who support the death penalty
also have blood on their hands.

(Ben is only 21, so there is still hope, for him)