Dennis Kucinich American Fries

top Democrat Bosses barred
presidential candidate Kucinich
from the Iowa debate the stepping stone
out of the gate to get the first electoral votes
the race
to keep the voters from hearing any more
common wealth ideas from Dennis
Iowa oh Iowa your corn
is better served as food for starving nations
know the truth of polluting ethanol
the magic in the cornfield is more than
than the thousands of years and ears
made sacred by it’s saving grace
of feeding the hungry
taller than an elephant’s eye
where childhood laughs and plays
with magical fragility
learned facing fear with pumpkin Boos!
boo hoo top dog Democrat bosses
“Sorry I can’t hear you you’re breaking up!”
and breaking up is hard to do oo oo oo
ain’t that so
of course there is intelligent design
but it does not materialize without
impulsive creativity
you go Dennis!
even knowing you have not a Chinaman’s chance
or the American dollar to buy this race
you are our four leaf clover
speaking truth to power