“Forever Stamp”

41 cents guaranteed to be good forever
cheap sugar guaranteed on the backs
of the Haitian sugarcane cutter
guaranteed fear of Muslim’s flying
com’on Women Voters
ANY woman is not better than NO woman
when given only a Hillary to chose from
ignoring Nancy Pelosi’s with no monetary controllers
com’on Voters of Charisma
what is it you do not understand
of the symbol of the Apple…and American Apple Pie
give me the innocent intelligent candidate
and i’ll give you the road to freedom
the facing the fears implanted upon US
lead US not into the temptation
of lazy summer time
and deliver US from all slick snake clicking tongues
there is an antidote for poison
Take down those Walls, Congress
those controllers are building that do not
keep out the “undesirables” but do keep in
US citizens … locked in fear
giving up their freedom for security
of which they recieve not —
later, if not sooner, we all die…
get over it.
The more we consume in this slave-filled world
the dirtier we get!