haditha (humanity)

how do “we”
get from here to there?
the goal of the founders of
America was noble
was to create a shiny example:
humans do not need popes or kings
to rule or pontificate
“great progress, if it can survive”

“the house divided will fall”
are we not divided?
it is not Republicans
nor Democrats that divide
it is those top devil Dogs
(God spelled backwards)
who continue to control
American foreign policy
the Trilateral Commission &
the Council on Foreign Relations
it was
Adam Weishaupt
who stole the Enlightenment
the very same year
of the America’s birth
Adam Weishaupt
connects the dots to
Skull and Bones
connects the dots to
nuclear bomb…Bay of Pigs…
Watergate…Kennedy assassination
Kerry and Bush both bonesmen
not fooling Americans once or twice but
two hundred and thirty years!

Born again Christians tip the vote scale
because they believe in a God who hates Gays
along with Economically secure Americans
lock stepping to ensure their status quo…

The River is Red the Green Sap dying
Dylan and Michael sang it thusly
a little Power is as tempting as
being King of the World

Where in the world is Sam Hill?
Do we really need to play it again?