Ike’s Military-Industrial Complex Nightmare

Even Eisenhower never would have dreamed
the military would be security for contractors
dolling out dollars smack in the middle
of a Civil War in Iraq
build ’em up
bomb ’em down
build ’em up again
well yeah, Ike was an old man
then retiring and seeing more clearly
and who remembers
in the writing of Ike’s farewell speech
he wanted to be quoting as saying
“Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex”
a few congressmen of course
did not want the “body” of congress indited
and yes we know there was/are corrupt members
and no, not all…
but how are we the voters able to discern who is what
with so many tongues snake oil and forked?
motivation and follow the money.

In the beginning was the Combustible Engine
In the middle was addiction to oil
the Russians planted their flag on the North Pole
What oil contractor did not salivate?
What American felt resentment
over Russia’s claim to the oil under the North Pole?

i am weary now so i read a weary poem
by a Master Poet, Ward Kelley
look if you dare!
to the back side of colonizers