It’s Easier to Zen wen You’re Sixty-Four

(words for a sixty-third birthday)

i picture myself at sixty-three
and you as you are now
walking atop the mountain
looking down at wing’ed lady

and, dear, i now observe
three hours into your
“bullshit” post
current comments: #76

the seventy-sixth
word-smithing, mine
in broken lines (i do
remember your dislike

for poetry
but i write because i can…

“ah, sweet Rose…did you know
we are the only western country
that does not provide free health
care for it’s citizens. Of course it is
paid for by our tax dollars. That is what
civilized countries do best – they take care of their own.”

now is the time to return to mi casa, to sleep
to dream,
to finish the unfinished
perhaps to find
find a new horizon
that goes on and on…