Ode to Tom


the sweetest words
i’ve ever heard
when away so long
you missed most
my laugh
i did not hear you then
i do now
there is a knowing
we’ve been ’round before
like Harry Chapin
i don’t remember when
guessing you do
from the veil’s other side
(one of those exceptions you know
when the i is not before the e)
yes Jasmine is doing fine

meals at the Adobe Springs
you played classic guitar
and Bach…i was awed

our first meeting
i tapped you on the back you said,
“who are you”

that was my first laugh
i’d never seen you before either
my clue was your guitar

had it not been the Frenchman
googling my eye i might
have seen you who

who became a best friend
a wild zen flower

i will see you again perhaps
when we will write a play
opera? musical? old style?
or brand new?

perhaps is the best i can do
the far away and the
unknown, si, no se

i say goodnight
this middle of the night
to you.