JAWS: what will happen if we fail in Iraq?

it is not in God Stockholders trust
it is in US all mighty Might
to secure the oil that feeds their greed
not greed?
What percent of divorces are devoured
by money fights?
Where is the line between what we will or will not do
for money before we face The Money God?

sucker us all down the drain
70% of us want US to COMPLETELY leave Iraq
our politicians jawing
dis and dat
but not
giving up control over Iraqi oil
Did we get rid of the burkas in Afghanistan
no, what we did
was return the burkas to Iraq

the Lady Representative
asks for a bi-partisan bill
we all can vote for

who deserves to be the next President of US?
“We must have success in Iraq.”
what does That mean, Mister Representative

Rep. John Lewis – “We are only asking
to take the first step – Out!”