Katy Hogwash, Texas Style

A man unhappy (Craig Baker, 46)
with an Islamic association’s plans
to build a mosque next to his property
has staged pig races as a protest
during afternoon prayers.
Resident Susan Canavespe
said the pig racing wasn’t mean-spirited —
“It’s just Texas-spirited.”

“Houston, we have a problem!”

The Karankawa Indian tribes want to know,
“Where are the great herds of buffalo,
where the flocks of wild ducks, geese,
sandhill and whooping cranes, and the
longhorn cattle, deer, and wolves?”

What is the difference between
“mean-spirited” and “Texas-spirited”?

NONE! (if your name is Susan Canavespe or Craig Baker
and/or the other 100 pig-people that joined them)