Marlo Lewis – dapper, manicured…

…senior fellow at the
Competitive Enterprise Institute
comes to town without a yellow ribbon
for our ol’ oak tree gasping
Marlo seys
“the costs of Kyotoism…
economic pain for no environmental gain”
so he publishes a book held timely
for the very day, his nemesis, Al Gore
is named the Nobel Peace Prize recipient
plus decrying
“Europe is not one mile closer than we are
to achieving a ‘beyond petroleum’ transport system.”
and the reason why dapper Marlo Lewis manicured is?
Kyotoism is 10 years old
37 years since the Clean Air Act,
now watered down to near as nil.
love and power love and power
go together like good and evil
you can’t have one with the other
when the stench of money
fills the heart/mind/spirit
poe’ah little empty shell
go see Sally down by the sea shore
wash dat brain worm right outta yer hair
for’ here comes da next wave crashing…
“tis su nami?”