My Little Demon, the Driver


takes me down to Shanty Town
doing absolutely nothing
like paying attention
steps 1, 2, 3
waltz me around again Charlie
remembering done before
take me around the world
in and out the windows

home again in Indiana
they don’t want me anymore
Lord knows I can go back there
done wiped that slates right off’a da floor

the Lady she says,
“We should pay the same as all the tax-payers.”
the Old Woman says,
“We know there are holes in our welfare system,
please don’t take everything intitled,
if we all need less we all get better.”
hear that Mr. Wall Street?
the Shes are saying “We All”

Mr. President
has spent three years, nine months
compromising with Republicans
he has earned the right to now say,
“Either Congress will do it,
or I will do it.”

To Sir, with Love