Obama sings, “I so in love with you.”


i would sing for he

sorry am i
all the Do Littles
want everything now and all at once
cause they don’t know
how many secret closet monsters
in our government’s hordes of rooms
or how many news persons
overlook the flushings
1 by 1 and 2 by 2
but some of us understand
one giant flush Ron Paul says he can do
would create a Greater Recession
than the Great
some of us grew up in

oh lordy i wish for you singer Obama
what might be the greatest debate
of a milimium or two
with Ron the man
two highly intelligent men
SITTING across the table
unemotionally debating
the needs
of country and we the people
and how best to clean the mess
created by their predecessors

to your, Our Chief, i sing for
continued mind/body/spirit health,
i sing