Pisces visits Aries


ahh, coffee time
candle lit, tobacco lit, light lit
(kinda red and covered with Springgreen flowers)

tonight, predawn i hear/see
God’s Learning Channel admit
their God knew what they were doing
when they sacrificed the lamb
the Egyptians would know they were killing their God Aries
and that all of the plagues were aimed at their other Gods
and they, the Egyptians, would set them free…

but here we sit dear Aries
tiny mythos in the sky
reminders one might say
Gods are myth —
they are not killed by their symbols
wantonly destroyed
get over it
Spring will arrive
in 24 days
here or not here
Shooting Stars
here then gone

Equinox Eve is coming soon
now my dear ol’ man
tell me what your love will bring
whisper if you can