She expected to die laughing. Instead she died singing.

< ..>

o what to sing?
“The 1st species who self-immolates”
“Be careful who you kick on the way up”.

Orcas threaten to send battleships down
the Suez Canal – ordered to do so
by Sub-Humans,
to stir the pot, boil to bubble.

if you thing he’s a saint he probably Is
if he’s wearing raggedy baggedy cloths
and sounds a little bit crazy.
be careful who you kick
on your way up.

“Sing it now, my baby
sing it now.”

if you read news somewhere that
Muslims are marching on Washington
take a deep breath
and another
then find a second news source.

what do you say Hewie and Dewey
where did you leave Louie?

last seen she was calling on
grandpas and grandmas
great, and great great et al
to come to the aid of our children.

Oh National Savior
being damned if you do and damned if you don’t
may the Holy Peace Doves
be your guide and comfort
forgive those who lose hope
as we learn to embrace those
who still hate because they still fear
the boogie man with bogus one liners
that appeal to our baser instincts.