Solstice Wheel of Fortune

Kenneth Timmerman releases book
“Countdown to Crisis :
The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran”
claiming Osama sighting in Iran make
to sound authentic put an I.V. in his hand

Fox News asks invited guest
where is Osama to illicit the answer
Osama is not in Afghanistan
he might be in Syria or

Whitelie whitewash whitehouse
“…know exactly where Osama bin Laden is
but can’t tell – can’t just go in and get him
due to countries sovereignty.”
Peter Goss marries Yellow Cake Bolton

Spinning wheels spinning newspeak
where will the stopped needle point?
Syria? Iran? Both?

Only clue available to this Moonbat:
is Iran holding an election – a run off
with clamoring claims of fraud.

Stay tuned to your Fair and Balanced
Corporate Fox News Media
for the next newspeak pronouncement.

or CNN Quick Vote, today’s poll question:
“If U.S. intelligence officials have an ‘excellent idea’
where Osama bin Laden is,
should they go get him?