Still In Their Burkas


still the guilt ridden ones fearing exposure
buy lies
remember Christiane Amanpour enacting the visual
and the feeling of walking around with only eyes showing
and only in public when accompanied by a man
is it Pepsi or Coke or McDonalds
feeding the masses the forget-it-pill?
the list of promises broken are deadly
did righty forget how to read substance?
how many are happy Bush got his war dollars?
did we go to war for oil?
take out your video of Iraq War 1991
where some brave reporter
asked a soldier with boots on the ground
“Is it worth risking your life
to have cheaper gas at the pump?”
and YES, the soldier replied “yes”
But don’t say that aloud it hurts my right eye.
Why is it so hard to admit we have been scammed?
The status quo for the haves
has been captured by fear
(how long will it take before they see:
it looks a lot like perpetual fear?)
my confession
i was hit by a commedian before coming here