that we survive is the miracle


Who wants to marry a millionaire?
no gold diggers need apply – ya sure.
Jesus died for our sins
so we wouldn’t have to – not.
If we only think good
only good things will happen –
like kiss my foot.

even biblical honor was
only washing the feet.
Good Goddess Gertie!
Kenny missing a G.

she pops a pill of relief
a temp from madness
inside and out
makes the world go away
for a few hours…k

is it morning yet?
or how in heaven’s earth
did they think to create
blue flowers?
o dear daughter, dear daughter
did i yes do something right?

sweet survivor of tons
of grief immeasurable
hand holding heart in place
i reclaim
our symbol of love
from nonsense pledges
of country, flag
any yeah
boy scouts

in this final hour of anywhere
we will re enter our garden
as a bird might
as a flower’s right
when they call our name
we will remember
the miracle of