Which came first? Peach or Fire

<..) maybe the chicken or egg has no matter or it is a secret of the Universe down back home peach pits take a lot of crackin' rain that falls and falls or as Poet Becky has poemed, "Rain, rain, rain..." or Jake who poems of the "Fire" somewhere in the late '40's mostly only men ate fire in the early '50's women found fire to their liking, then along came the baby boomers most saw the hypocrisy and made an about face... a voice said, "Know thyself." children of the turn abouts know truth when they see it and when they do not.... know when feet are firmly planted they can climb the highest mountain recognize a dream when they see one and they have just begun... hello Mr. Wall Street are you still lonely tonight? how many fires have you left in a puff? how many earthlings starved to death today? good night Irene i'm going to leave you now morning has broken bright sunny morn "go" has been spoken it's my turn to off and find the Wizard?