Tookie and false Christians

The Last Hours of Tookie

fully awake and knowing
moved to that place of waiting
what happens to a soul
separated from the body
by execution
do the believers in the death penalty
(99.9% purely Christians)
truly understand their desire
is an eye for an eye
and by demanding it from Tookie
they are turning their backs on Jesus
and his teachings?
When will they ever learn?
When will they

Mother of All Trials for US

if 7% of the “terrorists” in Iraq are outsiders
then 93% are insurrectionists
home boys in other words
this is a war between fundamentalist Muslims and non
it is time to stop arguing about the legality of this Iraq War
President Bush has placed America in the center
yet we are in the unique position
of proving the superiority of doing unto your neighbor
as you would have done unto yourself
will democracy at home survive, you know,
the democracy that respects the rule of law,
without which there is no peace?
If we protect All Iraqis as being equal
and protect for them, the people,
their natural resources, namely oil
from private greed,
and we remove outside contractors,
thus becoming arbitrators
for a true democracy,
a constitution more enlightened,
than our original one,
of which even they allowed,
this document of the people
needed to be a living document
which could be improved upon.

Is it not hypocritical to believe in Intelligent Design
while degrading intelligence?

Can US Win in Iraq? Yes But If…

it’s not that we can’t win
it’s that we cannot admit to any mistake
the world is seeing America for what it is
a democracy with freedom of speech
freedom even, and most importantly,
to speak out against our leaders
the world is seeing our leaders
making exceptions to laws of their own choosing
the trial of Saddam IS
the Mother of All Trials
if we the people of the world
do not see open, ligitimate justice enacted,
we will know with a certainty
America is not a true democracy
with justice for everyone

One Does Not Call Themselves An Elder, Others Do

call nine eleven! call nine eleven!
hello hello my friend was just bitten by a snake
calm down lady, where was he bitten
on his left cheek it is bright red with a hole in the center!
this commercial brought to you by Ivory soap 99.9% pure
now a song from the doodle do do’s doh doh

oh those little goddlings are at it again
this one dispatching lightening bolts
that one raining down fire unless yer his friend
the other threatening to destroy the universe
read my mind dearlings
any god worth his’en or her’en salt
surrenders lovingly to any demon’s snarls
(or like my favorite one would crack a joke)

play the drums Tom Tom Tom
now the fife Mike the son
stick a candle of courage in her chest
come stay play a little longer
take of those hats and throw them in the corner
yet another day is dawning
did you bring your keyboard Ragtime man?

carry me back to old no where
remember me to old square joe
i’m off to join the chanting voices
“we ain’t gonna take it anymore”
don’t want an eye for an eye
don’t wanna turn my cheek again
just gonna tell it like it is
toes, when stepped on, hurt
unless by chance
one’s teaching a child to dance
that ain’t so heavy
any child is every child.

i’m torn i’m tired and i’m weary
sorry secluded but sound
of mind/spirit if not body

the pentagon announces
it can fight two wars at the same time
the sports announcer’s voice is frenzied
how else to whip it up
fore say what
is being whipped up?
US is already fighting two!

please don’t ask me of manana
today is heavy enough

Ah, Poland

Poland now manufacturing arms for Iraq soldiers,
getting MK’s from US, maybe a military base
like Romania.
Poland now has statue of Ronald Reagan
Defense Minister of Poland allows
that secret prisons if they exist
by their nature must be kept secret
ergo it was necessary for the President of Poland
to deny their existence.
But and but
I’ve only got one light bulb for two screwers,
oh lawdy, give us light!

What Do the Insurgents Want?

US won’t ask them so let’s imagine:

A secular state
Equal rights for women
Equal access to Iraqi natural resources
not exactly what America has as in;
natural resources are controlled by private businesses
Fundamentalists want control of US judicial system
which would roll our clock back
Federalists want a constitution set in stone
as if they missed the constitutional provision
for amendments which de facto
make it a LIVING document.

A Republican caller on C-SPAN today wants
Democrats to act against personal consciousness,
to lock step with the Bushites,
and support the liars war.

Question #2 is:
Is US reason for wanting a military base in Romania
because they are accepting as fact, the nearly 30
current “permanent” military bases in Iraq
don’t look so permanent today.
is it to keep secret our secret prisons in Romania?

No torture Mr. George Walker Bush.
Stop it today. Now. Immediately.
Stop it before you kill as many Americans as
Osama bin Laden did on 9/11.

Fundamentalists and Torture

Fundamentalists Christians call it torture
when fetuses are aborted
to Fundies abortion is an immoral war,
and they support torturing adults
to “do whatever we have to do”
to get the information we need,
and people die in war so what difference does it make
it they torture them before we kill them?”

One difference is in the timing.
Take it from an old farmer who will tell you
“Shoot the pig between the eyes.”
With instant and unexpected death
there is no adrenalin rush
which would spoil the pork.

You tell me Mr/Mrs Fundamentalist
which you would choose
electrodes to the scrotum
that swell up like a pair of oranges
sodomized, et cetera et nausea
until you will sign anything
say anything they wish
or instant death?

Call it what it is:
creating hell on earth.
“As you allow onto others,
so it will be allowed onto you.”

The Badatudes, #1

“Blessed are ye, who revile men and persecute for job security,
for theirs is the kingdom of Hades.”

elected servants of the people who
suck taxpayers blood and freedom
today’s Badatudes winner the DEA
kingpin unHornable Karen P Tandy
deep-sixing tax paid for government studies
to keep their pork bellies filled:
1972 budget – 65.2 million – employees – 2,775
2005 budget – 2,141 million – total employees – 10,894
in every neighborhood a meth lab
the victims our children
it’s called job security
or feeding at the federal trough