Cold Conservatives vs Light Liberals

Valerie Plame vs Ann Colter
intelligent / pithy
poised / strutting
fame / notorious
sensual / c. teaser
Johnny goes marching off to war hurrah / Barf!
It’s Springtime / Marching off to war.
sunflower / prickle pear
maple syrup / sap

Come’on Annie your mother really would not have
aborted you if abortion was legal back then and
not to worry, lesbians are not attracted to c. teasers.

Thank you Valerie for thinking out of the box
of authority figures who do not walk their talk.

steam heat / ice monsters

Anna Nicole Was Their Cash Cow

see all the little cling ons grasping
for remnants of Anna’s notoriety
money is not the root of all evil
people are – In November 2001,
Israeli arms dealers illegally shipped
3,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 2.5 million
rounds of ammunition into Colombia
for the AUC through a port facility
operated by Chiquita subsidiary Banadex.
One C-SPAN caller tuned in to hear Valerie Plame,
under oath, tell the truth and just as quickly
tuned out…
“Be wary” he cautioned, “when faced with truth,
the reaction thereof, is unpredictable.”
All the pea brain people fear most
split-pea soup.
How do I stop we stop the bleeding Mother?
You’re Chiquita Banana and you’ve come to say what?
“Yes I got no bananas”
when the west gets too many bananas
they dump them in the ocean
sweat and blood being so cheap
and the caged bird sings…

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Confession True?

why did he wait for years to the month?
arrested March 2003 : confessed March 2007
how long ago was this confession
made before releasing it?
it does not matter Bill O’Reilly
if Khalid was tortured by the CIA or military
the point is they both sanction torture
torturers get trained at the School of the Americas
(no matter how often it change names)

and here’s to you Michael Scheuer
blatantly presenting, “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
confessed because he’s proud of what he’s done,”
my own poser:
Why did it take 4 years for him to confess?

And no, Bill and Mike, my words are not
for support of Mr. Mohammed, of whom I know nothing
save for what the news media blasts…
it is against torture, always,
and doubly always, when what is elicited, is only
“a” confession, thus denuding the excuse of using torture
only for a known imminent threat(.)

Harriet Myers Was Only A Parrot

Axing 93 attorney generals was the goal
she thought Rove et al meant axe 93 with one blow
and said so, but no, it was axe one first,
then axe a bunch, and if the outcry is met
with talking points and overcome
the remainder will be axed
before January 2009

Cheney, while Nixon’s hip-attachment,
witnessed the downfall of Nixon after he declared
“In the time of crisis the power of the president is total”
and to Cheney, he cares not of Bush’s downfall,
it is the usual method of an Emperor’s rise to the top.

How seething does it have to get on top
before the top blows off?

Check and Balance In Wartime

The president has his veto power
the congress, most important in times of war,
has their power of the purse

And the power of money, Murdock has,
is to set his echoing dogs to attack
any congressional member as
“cut and runners who don’t support our troops”
(and other talking points handed down from on high)

History warns against nation wars not supported
by the majority of its citizens but Bush doesn’t know
history and Cheney does not heed it

So here we go again
congressmen parsing their words
dragging out this war for time to find an out
by claiming some measure of victory
but this time there is determination
NEVER to get out, well, and unless
the money power behind the president
secures another puppet government
perhaps another Butcher of Baghdad

The question is not, this time, who will we ask
to be the last to die in Iraq, a larger question is why
we hire security contractors for our military.

Or a better question, when did the US ever
remove it’s military bases after declaring victory?

God’s Learning Channel and Marijuana (Al and Tommie)

or: Addiction is an illness not a crime

Genesis 1:12 And the earth brought forth
grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind,
and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was itself,
after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Does Al suggest that God did not know
what he was talking about? and he
(Al not God) wants us to believe the HERB,
marijuana, is Bad – yes, Al and Tommie,
many crimes and murder have been committed
by the DEALERS of “dope” which
never would have happened if power brokers
had not made marijuana illegal, thus
extremely highly profitable to gangsters.
See and hear, if you’ens can…
Marijuana is NOT the problem.

Who Drained the Brains of Cheney and Bush?

“If they (Iran and Syria) really want to help stabilize Iraq,
there are things for them to do, such as cutting off weapons
flows and or the flow of suicide bombers into Iraq,”
Bush said.

he also said the opposite:

“We would rather fighting our enemies over there
(in Iraq) instead of over here.”

“Look,” says the Dick Cheney,
“a drawdown of forces in Iraq
would invite more attacks in the United State.”

“You look,” replies Jane,
“see how many more Americans have been killed
in Iraq, more, for sure, than were killed on 9/11.”

“Not to worry Jane,” Spot offered,
“when brains get drained of rationality
they loose natural abilities for mere survival and
somewhere, some near future time,
when their lock-step supporters see, even if
for the very first time, the tar and feathers
will out themselves.

hey you

if you gave me a thought would you take a penny
for a toss over the shoulder into the river of dream
for surely it is magical when other becomes a you
been to the heavy of dancing bulls and china
did that did we ever with such flare the cows came home
then came the promises to keep, the bickering leaves
announcing their departure.

i gave you a thought often so ever…
and everything is beautiful in it’s own way
excuse me for borrower’ing another’s words
so fitting i could not deny myself this pleasured
thought…that was Michael’s thought that
nothing but love can pass thru the abyss
anything can be tossed in but
there needs be a willing receiver
for anything to get out

click open, click shut,
open, shut…then
no more

well we could ponder the abyss between dead and alive
or the abyss of a dirt spot under the fingernail
needing a tsunami to get from there to anywhere else
or the abyss between to humans with opposite dispositions
or the abyss of opposition within ourselves
yeah Freud, the Ego and the Alter Ego
the long winding river from the mountain to the sea
once upon a time i thought interesting to ponder
two grains of sand lying next to each on the tip of Africa’s shore
it took a fly over, ages later, to learn
the tip of Africa – is a giant rock.

Now my coffee cup is empty and the smoke is in my eyes
and my nose and my lungs…heys youse
i’m on pause now
(the id ran away to spoon)

Arizona Wants Muzzled Teachers, Lord I Can’t Go There…or, Ode to my 101 English teacher, Steve Beiner

Rep. Thayer Verschoor, Republican, Arizona
seeks to muzzle teachers’ freedom of speech
in order to protect students’ freedom of speech
thereby protecting conservative students
from challenge and/or ridicule.

What is a teacher to do when faced
with whatever number of students
who have been boxed into garbage in
garbage out and lost the ability
to think for themselves?

When one train
bounces off another train
it’s time to seek a third track.

Was it the ’30, 40’s and/or ’50’s when
children were taught to be seen
and not heard?

How severe was the home of the student
that would fear to speak up in class,
especially higher education classes?
Who learns not to speak their mind for fear
of ridicule when
the purpose of higher education
it to learn something new and test something old
that is perceived as set in stone?

For sure, not all teachers are like the very best
teacher I found in higher education, for he,
Steve Beiner, was a self proclaimed gad-fly,
in English 101, who would take either side
in any classroom debate, believing,
where one places there commas was minor
compared to encouraging students to think
for themselves, and the bonus
was never to back down from a position
until proven a position was wrong.

Benjamin Netanyahu Shakes the Stakes

“Iran is today’s Germany of 1939”


“We need tight sanctions…
but we won’t need them very long”


“70% of Iranians are against their president’s policies.”

and, guess what…

70% of Americans are against their president’s policies.

Is it really worth two wars going on three
for the Israelis to keep building settlements
in the West Bank, outside their legal borders
of the pre 1967 War?

Yes the Arabs and Muslims have been fighting against
the creation of the State of Israel since it’s inception.
But yes, 61 years has made many Israelis weary,
and yes, 61 years has made many Palestinians weary.

What is the Wildest Dream of the
American/Military/Congressional Complex?

Answer: perpetual war(.)