Who will be the last soldier to die in Iraq?

Rep. James Moran, Democrat from Virginia on C-SPAN:

“We will give the president his few month’s “surge”
(and of course fund it) but whether it fails or not
we will be out of Iraq before the 2008 election.

“Of course we will keep our Embassy there.”

Our billion dollar largest embassy in the world.

22 months to go George
will Americans to continue to eat Iraqi oil?
will American military bases in Iraq
most especially the Air Force bases
be able to maintain this latest
empire building “surge”?
thus securing George’s only mandate
from the military/industrial/congressional complex?
(the very “how and why” Mr. Bush gained
and maintained his office)

Moran: “I don’t want history to repeat itself.”

Open your eyes Representative Moran,
elected by the Common Wealth of Virginia,
we ARE living a repeat of history only this time
a little bit LOUDER and a little bit WORSE.

All together now…UPCHUCK!

Walter Reed Turns Over and Demands the Truth

and Flossie Nightgown’s ears are smoking!
do those news moguls and political dogs
believe the masses do not understand that
if you have building 18 at Walter Reed
it implies there are at least 17 other buildings
are all the buildings as bad as #18?
how many rooms are in building #18?
how many of those rooms are look-alikes
for the one room that is screamed at us?

ask better questions the french poet proffers.

Do members of Congress or Presidents
receive medical care at Walter Reed?

Why do we not remember August 6, 2005
the day a “federal panel” voted to close down
Walter Reed Hospital?

do forgive this ol’ retired registered nurse
i’ve seen bureaucracy and peter principle first hand
but i’ve also seen nurse’s aides fighting over a dress
they both wanted for their patient that they so loved
i’m weary watching old women/men’s tongues clacking
and have felt for the poor inspectors who had to justify
their salaries by finding some lint-like “correction”
that needed to be enforced and smelled the power trip
of administrator’s memos and the nurses who never
lose their idealism in spite of personal suffering
that comes when willing to share the pain of another
and yes, some need to harden to carry on…

Maybe John Fitzgerald Kennedy did all he came to do
by leaving behind “Imagine” what the great wealth
of this nation could do for others, if only,
we changed our foreign policy.

If it takes a whole village to save one child
does it take a Whole nation to save the children
of the world?

Can these Divided States become United (whole) again?

children keep dying for Dick and George’s sins

Cheney: We want to return home with honor.
Cheney wants to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Side kick George wants: Just one more chance.
As long as Shiite and Sunni keep killing each other
we can have permanent military bases in Iraq.
(or why there never was an “exit” strategy)

The American UN obtains sanctions
and the echo chambers call for enforcing sanctions
they want enforced and ignore sanctions they do not
like UN Resolution 242

from Robert Fisk’s “The Great War For Civilization”*
find America’s support of the Sunni in Lebanon
who repress the Shiite poor
find in Iraq America’s support of the Shiite
who take revenge on the Sunni
and find the reminder to Israel et al
“It is illegal to acquire land thru war.”
And find “It is impossible for Palestine to become a state
without going back to the pre 1967 borders,
sharing Jerusalem as it’s capital.”
Then remember the USS Liberty spy ship destroyed
by Israel at the beginning of the 1967 war.

Iraq is just another name
for turning brother against brother
with the ultimate betrayer being
the keeper of the Keys…
the US Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex.

STOP! In the name of LOVE be…fore
all I. O. U.’s becomecome overdue.


Dateline NBC gives US:

“…the dictionary definition of “wasted”
was used as in ‘our troop deaths in Iraq were wasted’.”

Dateline reads viewers the definition of “sacrificed”
Tells us the word “wasted” used by one politician
should have been more accurate by using “sacrificed”
instead of “wasted”.

When did Dateline become the whitewash
for our English language?

Sacrifice is like a Jesus who never carried a weapon
or used one…a Ghandi…et al
who believe/teach/walk the path of
nonviolent conflict resolution.

Wasted is how people get when they can’t take reality
anymore. Wasting away in Margaretaville…et al.

Whitewash is what you do with a black lie.
Naked is what you get when publicly exposed.
Sneer is what you do when you believe you are all mighty.
Peace is what you feel when you take a walk on the beach
picking up beautiful sea shells…


But if you, Dateline, want to call those deaths sacrificed,
then please inform us, your audience, what
purpose did those lost lives serve?
Were there deaths of service to we the people
or were they in service of another Empire
seeking world and outerspace domination?

Durn, didn’t you know
the Devil does not wear blue he wears black
and white shirts and pick your color tie?

And who is there here who has not heard
of the ultimate temptation?
It did not work on Jesus Christ
but did work on others
and the list grows on
and on and on and
wasted days and wasted nights
with distractions too numerous to mention
running just as hard as we can
from our reality.

The Big Chill in the Cold War was Hot Blood

anger faced brings fear brings guilt brings desolation
with freedom and peace residing a little deeper

anger not faced brings violence
the boiled pot that’s never watched,
never faced

divided, one half cries, where’s Reagan???
in counterpoint with it’s other half
the other half cries, where’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy!!!

Cold Wars being as they are, Proxy Wars
Big Chill being as it is, Blowback

Hot Blood our children blown to bits
Cold Blood the claim of innocent deaths being
Just Collateral Damage.

The…in the…was the…
full moon hiding or is it only
my perspective, Rachmaninoff’s Return.

Why did we go to Iraq?

We did not go to drink their oil
(we already dood that)
We could not spread democracy
(we already knew that)
We did not have an exit plan
(we do not plan to exit)

736 US military bases in 140 countries
Come on good ol’ white boys we’re almost
there…over there…(all is never enough)
all 50 states get military dollars
either military bases or weapons manufacturing
with 100 Senators who follow orders to get the $’s
that buy the votes to to insure the contracts
that keep the people’s knees locked.
Don’t need military bases? “Oh, yes,
it is our major income, can’t be closed!”
How do you test new weapons systems?
Evoke a war.

Bush’s way to negotiate with Iran
on giving up their nuclear arms program:
“We won’t negotiate about nuclear weapons
until they give up their nuclear weapons program.”

Timothy Garton Ash:
“Marx thought capitalism would have a problem
finding consumers for the goods that improving
techniques of production enable it to churn out.
Instead, it has become expert in a new branch
of manufacturing: the manufacturing of desires.
It’s that core logic of ever-expanding desires
that is unsustainable on a global scale. But
are we prepared to abandon it?

“We may be happy to insulate our lofts,
recycle our newspapers and bicycle to work,
but are we ready to settle for less so others
can have more? Am I? Are you?”