Arizona McCain Buys Rugs In Iraq

(no, silly, not wigs)
how much oil did McCain burn to buy
5 Iraqi rugs for $5
to report to Americans
“Things are improving in Iraq”
McCain proved it it
only took 100 US military guards
and three overhead helicopters
to keep him safe to fly and shop
$1 per rug
per rug equals how many gnarled fingers
weaving how many days?
How many gnarled fingers, after weaving,
became “collateral” damage?
Too numerous to mention,
of course. Imagine that.
Persian rugs in Iraq.
In another time line Mr. McCain
you may be searching in vain
for the weavers of these rugs,
to pay them their honest due.

Hot Blood Equals Climate Warming

Bible Thumpers become Bible Pounders
January, February, March 2007 = 5,141
January, February, March 2006 = 2,717
exponentially Iraqi blood is spilled
while Bible Pounders tell us God hated Cain
who was a symbol, like Ishmael,
of bad seed – never mind that it was Abraham’s seed
planted in his wife’s maid, Hagar, due to
Abraham’s lust for an heir ergo rejecting Ishmael
after his wife gave birth to Isaac…
add today’s blood letting to the 7,000 year history
of pitting sons against sons
the Mother, her blood, is boiling!

OK unbelievers that Mother Earth
has Mind, Body, Spirit…

Believe this!

UN Report on climate change:

Creative Designer: “Minimal heat rise means
more food production in northern regions.”

Scientist: “Worst stuff is not going to happen
because we can’t be that stupid.”

[email protected] tells us
Hebrew is a better language than Greek because
Hebrews think “how can we use this”
and Greeks think “how beautiful”

This penner tells brad:
With the evolution of languages,
beauty and usefulness do not negate each other.
i.e. Pythagoras math: beautiful AND useful!