Dear Imus,


I hope you are back on your ranch
out in the land of enchantment
that place that is still quiet enough
to hear the laughter of running water
and the refilling of spiritual cups
it’s always easy to misplace one’s left foot
when one feels the intensity
of worldly affairs
and when was your last vacation? or
are all your vacations working vacations?
at nearly 73 years of age i still remember
the push it took at age 67
to do the best we could think of…
now i’ll tell you truly
i’m one who emailed you complaining
when you had too much testosterone in the air
sorry you could not see me smile
when you got into a debate on the air
with your wife, even; you both were assertive
without anger, and i witnessed
your willingness to listen
(not so many husbands have developed that ability)
i flew some disgusted emails at some guests
but i hope i thanked you a few times also

heal yourself first dear Mustang
you will be better and stronger at your chosen work
your fans will not plead for your return
though this is our dream – we now have a deeper understanding
of the strength it takes to be a messenger
or as my close musical friend is wont to say,
“The closer one gets to the truth,
the less predictable the reaction.”

Coach C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers


listen un Mr. President
pay attention
to what honest dialog produces
when coach Stringer and her team
can begin
“the process of forgiveness”
by walking her talk
she refused to answer questions about hate
she made the topic
broader than her team
broader than Imus
now is a good time
for us, as a society, to begin
“the process of forgiving”
by taking the first step
and produce some honest dialog

thank you Coach C. Vivian
for embodying strong virtues
and giving us hope
we may yet fill the highest dreams
of our founders, who left the door open
for improvement in what they had started,
a Constitutional Republic,
because they knew their limitations
their expectations were that we the people
would find ways to improve
their experiment. The lie:
“the American Dream” was apple pie.
The truth: “the American Dream”
was that we the people
could rule ourselves;
with a footnote:
“If they will build on what we started
and not try to turn it into stone.”

Goodbye Ol’ Mustang Imus


whites make that mistake often
thinking they are one with the ‘hood
and can speak their street language

it is a brave act
to be a comedian
in the public face
trying to project reality back
look how “some” Muslims reacted
to the desecration of their beliefs

thank you Imus you succeeded
in reflecting our reality

it wasn’t enough
all of your good works
to help the black community
to ease the suffering of children
you were a threat
to the most powerful people,
the upper crust of politicians
who have had your shows
fine-toothed combed
no one could argue with you for saying
you’d never have Hillary on your show
but they knew you were human
as the rest of us are human
who sometimes misplace our left foot
and they were in the mood for bear

I often turned your show off
when you were full of too much testosterone
but I never doubted your good heart
you did your best to shine your light on
the poverty that was laid bare with Katrina
even if enough of us did not get outraged
(and their suffering still rages on)
you did, indeed, do your best
but that was not good enough
for self righteous people
who are out to kill messengers

well Imus, we are the tail end of that generation
that taught sticks and stones are worse than words

the “glory” of Rutger’s basketball team
came the day they learned they were in the finals
their “moment of glory” WAS NOT
the day they did not win the championship
but it was you who gave them a national stage
it was you who allowed us to see and understand
these 10 young women ARE champions
without winning the title

you knew nothing about them
when you called them nappy-headed ho’s
so they had no reason to be personally insulted
I, as a great grandmother, flinched
when I heard those words come out of your mouth
and wished you hadn’t said them, and I heard
your two side-kicks flinch also,
I did not know the women either,
but I was reminded of a time
an ex-alcoholic husband called me whore and worse,
and laughed at him because I KNEW
first, he was not describing me, second, I knew
he had a traumatized childhood because he was a bastard
and I knew he was called a bastard
because his mother was raped at age sixteen

I’m sad sad sad this morning
they told you you would would be shot
after this morning’s broadcast
but they caved…
and I won’t hear your final comments
on the radio because I don’t have one

my only hope for justice is
that these 10 women basketball players
will get to know you as your audience knows you
and they will speak from their hearts
and not thru being coached.

Rutger’s Loses, Imus Wins


Their women’s basketball coach claims
after loosing the championship match to Tennessee
her team was elated, and moments later
their victory of accomplishments were destroyed
because Imus In the Morning called them
mapy-headed ho’s. (he also claimed they had tatoos,
is that part true or simply forgotten? It matters
only IF they don’t have any – some proof he thought
he was joshing.

They say loosers win, and Rutger’s who lost;
won a world stage for their articulation and talent.

When winner good man Imus loses for repeating
something he had heard on rap music, he loses…
What he loses is extra baggage of people
who claimed to be his friends.

If blacks want to end segregation
they must stop segregating the languages.
If they listened to their children;
black would hear, and whites would hear,
THEY speak the same

There was a day parents sang to their children;
“Sticks and stones may break your bones,
but words can never hurt you.”
Ms. Coach of Rutger’s basketball team
said as much to we the public.

Words, turned into stones are thrown;
the dice have not been read…yet.

If these young Rutger’s ladies
deem Imus is truly repentant of his remarks
will they forgive him?

Even before these young ladies
let us know their decision
the attack dogs have managed:
to get him a two week suspension
to get two major advertisers to pull out
to get him cancelled on the radio
and are calling for him to be fired.

Who’s your alpha pac man?
Who’s your sugar daddy?
Who’s your mentor: Jesus or Judas?

Imus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson


this is a test
no crib notes will contain the answers
when a human uses the title Reverend
their tests grow stronger by degrees
and their decrees.

when nails are spit
who takes the hit and what are his reactions thereof?
when a spitter of hurtful words begs for forgiveness,
what would Jesus do? what did the Reverends do?
They’re not Jesus you say?
Jesus did not say it was ok to preach forgiveness
and not be a forgiver.
What did Imus do?
He took the nails
Tune in tomorrow…
will the women’s basketball team
be good sports
and accept Imus’ heart felt apology?

When words do not reflect a known human heart
they are words implanted in their innocent youth.
The world is full of deadly hate for misdeeds
The Politicians, The Religious, The Personal,
do not doom us to a world
where vengeance rules.

As long as any person or group holds hate in their heart;
that person, or that group, walls themselves outside
the garden of peace.

p.s Jesus was crucified for political reasons(.)

When Bastard Was A Name Of Shame


imprinting in a young child’s mind
he/she was the seed of something shameful.
look what this child’s child birthed
a nation Full of bastards, and shame
doesn’t grow on ’em trees no mo’!

the poor man’s dad’s mind
was full of it too, the shame, ignited
with the “charity” of WPA
when a man could sling a sledgehammer
on a pile of rocks, all day, por que
US citizens paid his pay check,
he must, be made, to feel shame.

still the children played
hide and seek and skip to ma lou
ashes, ashes, all fall down

some put on a tie and some put on sandals
for some cheating became a way of life,
thru the eyes, thru the ears and thru the mouth –

still there was dancing and singing
hidden somewhere deep
within the old man’s heart
who nevertheless survived to retrieve
the spirit that built the house
that protected the children
that helped return
the magic of
the Is of
the newborn.


How Clever Constantine Stole Easter

< ..>

According to – “To save lives, the missionaries
cleverly decided spread their religious message by allowing
converts to continue to celebrate pagan feasts, but to do so
in a Christian manner.”

No. It was Constantine who understood the power
of symbols over illiterate peoples and hijacked them
to create Christian soldiers, marching off to war.

14 centuries later, along came literacy and the
information highway and enlightened evangelicals
aware of the paganness of their holidays, now would sacrifice
the Easter Bunny for political reasons, the same as Jesus
was sacrificed for political reasons.

The stolen, fertile Bunny of innocence,
became the stuffed beloved toy of our children,
and the promise of new life – the Egg,
became a game of hide and seek for the poor —
for the rich – chocolate covered with gold leaves.

Poor clever Constantine was not clever enough
to destroy symbols of Nature, nor the joys of springtime;
when every breeze breathes love, where every heart feels
the spring birds’ song, or the beauty in springflowers
peeking thru…….surprise!

Does foreign policy belong only to the president?

Pelosi goes to Syria.
McCain, Pence – go to Iraq.

And who among us trashes Pelosi
for opening dialog with Syria
and praises McCain and Pence
for telling us shopping in Baghdad
is like shopping in Indiana.

Robert Gates: In Iraq it is
sectarian violence not ethnic cleansing.

It is both Mr. Gates! Just like it is both
a civil war and a war of vengeance.

Conehead Walmart thinking
if they monitor all communication
between employees and inspectors
they will keep Walmart shoppers from knowing
their cheap cheap cheap EVERYTHING
is produced by cheap, cheep…mostly child

Yes I am MAD!
Mad as a Hatter in River’s woods.
It’s getting harder to hold on
after professing to be
every grandchild’s grandmother…

Where the hell are you tobacco?
Ok, found, hiding behind the candle
hiding behind the water
hiding behind my pen
then coffee cup.

The blessings of great grandmother hood is
babies full of giggles.
The curse is getting to close to the edge
of hearing/seeing/feeling
all their collective pain —
the Abyss of Hell
and the Bliss of the Divine
having learned
the permanence on either ledge
immobilizes the brain
the body
the spirit
to get up and function!

Play it again Sam!

“Listen to the children what they say…”

Poor Ol’ Kaliga


on 9/11 Rumsfield had an Iraq attack

on April 5 Sgt. John Bruhs of
gives C-SPAN viewers a Truth attack

the head of the spear is pointed at Iraq
it is covered in rusht
it was not sent from God,
and it is NOT American Foreign policy
that is so hated it is the Policy
carried out in secret by our government
Secret Government
got it?
it is not whether our media is “left” or “right”
it is what they do that counts
4 years they were cheer leaders of this war
for 1 year they have not
in spite of advertising dollars
and Murdock’s dollars
Poor Ol’ Kaliga’s drive for super power
mistook the robe for the Man
mistook the pen for the Rod

Sgt. John Bruhns reminds us
of Bush’s opening volley with all the pomp
and circumstance of inauguration
“I will not pass Saddam on to the next watch.”
like…Cheney wrote Rumsfield’s speech for Bush.

Sgt. John Bruhns informs us
of the circumstances in Iraq…
Creating well armed tribes
and “well trained Iraqi military” with
one week training and handing out the guns.

Poor Ol’ Kaliga, never really kissed.

Even Pope John Paul II may have attoned
for the chemicals he sold Hitler
when John was just a young Polish man
by proclaiming that the Catholic Church
teachings could allow for the science of evolution.

When God destroyed himself and created the Big Bang
and every partical contained the essence of
his’en or her’en self
and some of those particals grew into
the caution of never taking an oathe, followed by
military, marriage etcetra oaths
and some of those particals grew into
oath takers who would understand/or come to understand
and oath is for a LIFETIME and freedom lies within
the necessity of breaking a taken oath i.e.
when boots are on the ground/or
when ensuing particals became truthseekers
revealing false hearted daytime heros’
in duplicity of words
leave with a Big Bang
knocking down doors, invading private homes,
first it was the Iraqi’s doors
then it was their own.

David Gergen. Do you really want the American people
to give Bush “just 6 more months”?

When Saddam said there would be a Blood Bath
if Bush invaded Iraq in 48 hours
he did not mean a blood bath of US troops.
Did Cheney have an Iraq attack too?