Contraceptives Coming Out Party


thank you President of Change
from this ex-Catholic who suffered,
along with many 1950’s women,
from the church ban on contraceptives,
via married couples practising abstaining –
many the dictate of only one partner
via another edict, “Sex
is not the most important thing in marriage.”
as if…
and what was?
obeying the church, most important
yeah, and Knights of Columbus too.
(and who was Columbus?)

some of us escaped.
the name of mine was a priest
in my confession
answering my question with,
“You must have a lot of time on your hands
to do so much thinking.”
q: What did the mother of Jesus do
besides have a baby?
(i had 3 under 3 at the time)
and now
in my great-grand mother years
we, the escapees and i,
are given one more definition for
the 99%ers

thanks and praises


but this is today and what did i do worth my salt?


i’s and u’s and barbeques
if’n i can find u’s laugh
will the chopin’ dickens
remind me of the good god
of humour or hum our
song all night long do u
remember neither do i
the matter is only
are we still singing
day by day
hear the daughters
they are drumming as it was said
needs happen
the fat lady sang long ago
when we saw her Rubenesque
instead of fatso still the sir
oh will he hear the drumming
flashing thunder hummingbird heart
and every drum in between
to the soft peaceful

above the smiling lips and eyes
is ur brow furled / unfurled
ur breathing smooth or not

drop my teeth
ask for your phone number
maybe u forgot how to laugh
(could you give me a real,
seemingly good laugh
and save me for this evening
from night shift
in the salt of mines.)


when both voices are heard


unemployment growing? yes and no
improved foreign relations? yes and no
etc & on and on…

in a more perfect forum
like C-SPAN and
we hear them all :
those who stil fear
and those who speak their own experience

and the only thing to fear is fear itself
whince/where/whom did it come from?
can we pause a moment and check our own pulse?
a moment to feel ourself breath in, breathe out?

Americans spent $11 billion yesterday
at/for a sporting event.
Do they fear they won’t have money
to participate in next years super sport?
(fear example)

if you listen you will hear
both voices –
now is a good time,
on one hand to weigh the Left
on the other hand to weigh the Right,
and if we truly desire
to be a more perfect Union,
might we then
speak of compromise?

we are all right and we are all wrong
with some more right and some more wrong
and we need to stop playing the God Hand,
“It’s my way or the highway.”


i’d rather be a donkey than a mule

a mule is an elephant with long shiny ears
who never forgets a grudge
thus never learns
independence of choice
never earns
by flaunting God
with human voice
“He told me to do it.”
when caught with hand in US cookie jar,
“The Devil made me do it.”

have i gone too far
tween braah and jar?

heaven help us hooligans
dancing in the dark
won’t you come around soon
o full of the moon
our moon
one more time again, Charlie
here comes the sun
it’s all right

Guantanamo Fear Mongers Five


Mike Rogers, Duncan Hunter, John Mc
Cain, James Clapper, Matthew Olsen ::

names of the releasees not to be released
but they did it anyway didn’t they CNN?

all war monger unbelievers in atonement
unable to imagine an Obama 9/11 President

or using police action on bin Laden or allowing
the Taliban are Afghan citizens, not Al Qaeda

throw it all in a pot, boil and bubble politicians
now campaigning 24/7 coyote ugly in 4 year sets

Michael. don’t row that boat ashore yet
we’ve miles to go before we sleep

here she comes again like it or not


read it or not
crazy ol’ lady knows if she puts it out in cyberspace
well there it is
bing go

scraps from the telly world:

Mark Levin
“What is not regulated?”
acknowledge your inequity
Jer 3:12-13
“ditto,” Old Crazy

oh pure
meaning no sex
yuck in other words
sex is unpure

did you say we all got messed up somewhere
liking and not liking are partners
in figuring/working
differences out

just cause it looks like a poem
does it mean it is
does it matter?

breathe in breath out
when all is calm
say “Good night John boy.”
(or whom so ever)