As the World Turns, O America

in the days of our years there was folly
adventure and unconsciousness
between the blessings and the curses
date rape toys and devil music
wars are psychological now
death thru derth and sundry.
the faith is in the dream
the dream is in the making
our bloodless civil war
on the superhighway
of information.
the whole world is watching
this unique time in human history
with two sides to every story
from bottom up there is glory
from top down there is gory
from inside out they are starving
from outside in they are feasting.
it is a tired
but true story
empires coming and going
religions coming and going
civil wars and not so civil wars.
there is hope, eh, Michael?
there Is hope, Huey.
AT&T is cursed today
for collecting ALL of our communications
will AT&T be blessed tomorrow?
given all this information
there can be no doubt
75% of Americans are conscious now
America’s dirty laundry is on the line
as is personal dirt and international dirt
the world, still, is turning
will America realize her dream
or become one more Empire