Lou Dobbs White Catholic Boy Fears

when a caller to Larry King Live asks
why Lou only reads favorable emails on his show
Larry asks Lou if he gets many unfavorable emails
which became the only moment in Lou’s diatribe
against illegal immigration
he had to pause then mutter,
“We get very few unfavorable emails.”
Even Bill O’Reilly with his also Catholic mentality
has a security to read a few of his unfavorables.
in that short moment of pause
what was Mr. Dobbs thinking?
No one’s counting?
His hired help who processes them would not betray him?
Here’s the rub:
Are viewers of any controversy more likely to write
favorable or unfavorable, unless it’s Keith Olberman,
who follows in Edward R. Murrow’s footsteps,
the neen becomes overwhelming,
in our spin-a-day news media,
to send Keith a kudus, a bravo?
There’s a chink in your amore Mr. Lou
and it points to the same fear O’Reilly has aired:
“They” are trying to undermine the seats of power
we white boys have acquired.
Here’s the death of “we”:
American Foreign Policy.