Between Iraq and a Bush

Oh my Nancy Oh Pelosi
give us back our habeas
corpus. The Patriot Act
is unAmerican give us back
our shining light…
and they call it ’84…come a’Boar’d
2001 – was it not a Spaced Odd’essy?
When we let go of the pain
others have caused us
we can stop fearing to look
at the pain we caused others
Eli Bear says the bottom “level”
is the fear of dying, to which
Oh my Darling Clementine asks,
How do you explain
a suicide bomber’s
lack of fear of dying?

We are all Americans when it comes to
peace and war and democratic republics.
Will we be the shining Lighthouse on the hill,
giving hope to the oppressed or will we fall?

The whole world is watching…