One-Thought Limited Texan

Republican Texas Sen. Dan Patrick proposes
giving any woman going to an abortion clinic $500,
to be paid no more than 30 days after the baby is born
and given up for adoption.

His proposal would violate Texas and federal laws
against buying babies, which Patrick rejected as
“typical ridiculous criticism.”

Meantime back in the real world – worldwide
there are 143 million orphans…Buuttt good ol’
white folks want newborn infants and/or
is it only war hawks realizing
they are running out of fodder? or is it fear
momma would have aborted them if she coulda?

Please! Patrick! We don’t need more adoptive babies,
we need more Christians doing the work
assigned them by their Jesus, to paraphrase,
“What you do not do for the least of them,
you do not do for me.”