Bill O’Reilly Getting It


he got an expert
to teach his audience and himself
to read body language
in this age of doublespeak spin
and lying liars
nobody meaning what they say
or saying what they mean
and when we learn and when we learn
human thoughts are only electric currents
picked up thru evolved hearing
we never know exactly who
is reading our thoughts
(Mr. Bill doesn’t get that yet)
at first it is scary
learning thoughts are not as secret as we wish
second is anger “how dare you”
home base is drawing the conclusion
we may never know who might be tuning in
luckily the 4th little piggy
made his house of air
cause bricks do crumble
let me be gone
when my legs have crumbled
or let me learn
to love the lover who loves so well…
the fragile
the compassionate
Harp of Hearts.