O Jeffe


wants less abortions
cause we need more workers
which causes our immigration problem
those more workers
are our children
like us
they want a living wage
now don’t you know
Corporations shiver at the thought
of raising workers wages
and ol’ Jeffe
he will build small little circles
on the West Bank
one circle at a time
believing he’s got a better idea
to bring about the return of Jesus
it is the essence of Jesus
that needs to return
as it does with every birth
even as this essence can be found
everywhere you look
if only
you and yours look up
from the lint
of your navel
listen to the lonely yip of the pup
calling for his family
Jews have always loved Arabs
like old friends, they forgave one another
the Holocaust
was the ultimate in shame and degradation
the Arabs didn’t do it
it is the Smug grab for power
(whether mundane or profane)
that in the Grabbing process
may cause the destruction of this Earth
Divine Intelligence
(you call God).