Billy Crystal Plays Billy Goat Gruff

William Crystal I will tell you
when you were a teenager millions of mothers
were fearful of their 18 year old children
forced into fighting in Vietnam
being conscripted they were free to speak
of the war and how they were unable to recognize
who was friend and who was foe…
they were all Vietnamese.
Now, is your crystal bright enough to see
the one thing Osama bin Laden saw clearly
There was at least a 50/50 chance
America would not learn from it’s own history i.e.
Iraqis – friend or foe?
On the information highway there lives facts
that William Crystal et al Neo Cons
planned the (current) War in Iraq
BEFORE 9/11.

Well, here is Billy Crystal stating,

“Reconstruction can’t wait for security.”

what do you get when you have Perpetual War?
Iraq: A Perpetual Construction Site.